Aphelion Crypto wallet

Blockchain Technology

Case Study: Cuneiform Consultancies assists a start-up with their Aphelion crypto wallet

Blockchain Technology

Technologies used

  • Vue.js
  • Electron Desktop Wallet Application
  • ETH support and BIP39 libraries for BTC

Company Background

  • Financial Start-up Company.


Project Overview

Aphelion was a project that entailed the construction of a trading platform for crypto currencies such as Neo, ETH-based assets, and many more. Their primary support relied on ERC20 and NEO tokens, which were utilized within an environment that was trust-less and decentralized. Cuneiforms’ challenge acceptance response puts them at ease since, no matter how severe the challenges are, they have an efficient response team and best app and website developers that can counter the most complex difficulties and solve them with the greatest efficiency.

▸ Lumi was originally a cryptocurrency-based financial startup that focuses on a P2P decentralized trading platform for its clients to engage in cryptocurrency trading. They desire to operate on a trading platform that functions without hiccups and provides end users with a seamless experience.




Business Requirement

▸ The client requested a P2P trading platform that is decentralized and operates without a central authority. As the majority of exchanges and platforms impose exorbitant fees, persistent delays in facilitating transactions, a large number of frozen funds, and a multitude of stolen tokens that could guarantee conversion into the client’s preferred currency, there is a need for a decentralized exchange.

▸Cuneiform, the web development services company, undertook extensive research, provided valuable advice to the customer, and revised and launched the platform.

Challenges faced



Cuneiform’s Solution

Cuneiform Consulting software development company developed a trust less P2P trading platform. For the safe and efficient exchange of multiple crypto currencies away from the watchful eyes of authorities. There is no middleman required for the direct peer-to-peer transactions made possible by this open-source, decentralized network.

▸ The wallet and trading platform allow for instantaneous international crypto currency purchases and sales.

Key characteristics of the platform

· The platform is supported by the Distributed Exchange Asset Ledger (D.E.A.L.) and the decentralized application (DApp).
· The platform is built on the NEO blockchain and offers users a wallet for the ultimate peer-to-peer trading experience with traders from around the globe.
· The platform facilitates on-chain and cross-chain portfolio management using smart contract technology. The smart wallet is equipped with Ledger Support, which features an excellent user interface, real-time transaction data displayed in charts, etc. This electronic wallet is a BIP39 HD wallet that supports BTC, ETH, and NEO. Using a single BIP39 wallet key, one can sign in and conduct transactions with this wallet. Additionally, it is the first platform to support P2P smart contracts and wallet-based transactions across all channels.
No more exorbitant fees, delays, insufficient funds, locked and frozen transactions, or stolen tokens. The platform guarantees a quantum leap in the evolution of cryptocurrency trading.

Conclusion - The features that cuneiform consultations helped to introduce

▸ Aphellion Wallet comes with a high-resolution desktop multi-wallet for storing Neo crypto currencies, Neo-based assets, BTC, ETH, and ERC20 tokens. P2P trading network for BitCoin users that is decentralized, open-source, and trust-less.
▸ The smart wallet has BIP39 compatibility as well as ledger support, a beautiful UI, real-time trading statistics, a personalized address book, and extensive Nep5 token integration.
▸ First-of-its’s-kind P2P smart contract management technology. Allows for wallet-based trading on desktop, iOS, Android, and mobile web.
▸ Trades initiated by users can take place on-chain or cross-chain, with relevant terms that must be set, accepted, and passed.
▸ Ensures that APH tokens are automatically redistributed during P2P trading.
▸ It does not function like a hosted exchange because it does not store tokens, and its transactional approach is transparent and community driven.
Suitable for mobile app development services like, Windows, Linux and Apple iOS.

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