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Arena Animation, India's leading animation training organisation, struggled to convert leads into clients despite being students' first choice.

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Read this case study to learn how Cuneiform Consulting created an effective digitalization strategy to boost Arena Animation’s customer base and its online presence.

Arena Animation, Aptech Limited’s media and entertainment brand, was founded in 1996. A pioneer and innovator in curriculum-based non-formal education and animation.

Arena Animation’s academic courses educate and provide exceptional skills and training. Due to strong business links and affiliations, Arena graduates work in top animation studios and entertainment companies as graphic designers, web designers, 2D/3D animators, designers, AV editors, technical trainers, 3D modellers, compositors, multimedia programmers, content developers, visualizers, and executives in pre- and post-production activities. Even though they were top-notch in their services and had the best faculties available to train and nurture the students, Arena Animation lacked the end result, as there were multiple queries but no final action from the students; the digital strategy was questionable in comparison to that time; and there was no proper channel to cater to multiple fields of student inquiries.


Arena Animation's Requirement

Our clients are India-based animation and visual effects specialists and vocational training providers who are well-established and highly successful. They have operated a successful nationwide network of online training institutes for over 25 years, training over one million individuals and serving as a talent pool for some of India’s largest companies pursuing both local and international skills. In several business-related areas, their Ahmedabad branch was a forerunner. 

Arena Animation’s Ahmedabad centre approached us with several complex difficulties and a need for a social media campaign to promote their extensive range of services and attract new consumers. Our amazing creative output throughout the trial period convinced the client, who had tried and failed to find the right service provider. They chose us because of our on-time guarantee, cost-effective services, and strict quality control. 

Cuneiform and Arena Animations initially discussed Arena’s obstacles and issues. Then our digital experts subsequently highlighted the following guidelines to fix their issues: The Arena team identified these primary components of concern and how they will settle them. 

  • Despite being India’s largest animation and visual effects training facility, Arena Animation lacked the cutting-edge dominance or presence necessary for converting the product. 
  • The lack of an online presence and the lack of walk-ins were both due to the unavailability of the best online resources for learning about courses and what animation is. 
  • Due to a poorly designed user interface and backend issues with course selections and student conversion, students were discouraged from participating in the Arena Animations site. 
  • Another significant obstacle in the path was the problem with acquisitions and conversions; even if there were footfalls, there was no effective means to persuade people to proceed to the next phase, which was buying. 
  • The lack of an end-to-end tracking system while customers choose the courses they like, and the resources would have made it harder to predict their purchasing habits. 
  • Issue with content: the right website material is crucial in determining how your visitors perceive you, and if you are unable to provide solid content that supports your image, there will be a disconnect that is highly unprofessional and out of character for your online persona. 

Challenges faced by Arena Animation



cuneiform Enters

How Cuneiform weathered this storm / our expert solution to the project challenges

Cuneiform’s approach was to first develop a blueprint that focuses on the myriad issues that Arena Animation faces and then, using that blueprint, roll out definitive solutions to address each issue separately.

This approach led to effective management and integration of the solutions. 

  • The first thing the Cuneiform team did was begin thinking about the marketing component known as Cuneiform’s 360 marketing, which focuses on the challenge’s online and offline views.
  • The online approach involved assigning a specific marketing team focused on Arena Animations search engine optimisation, pay per click, social media pages to make the online presence felt to its target audiences, location tags on Google Maps, and online ads.
  • In the offline section, the team was able to focus on newspaper ads and radio ads because a certain segment of the population still preferred traditional advertising methods.
  • The Cuneiforms creation team proposes that the website be converted to Word Press since it provides an advanced content management system that improves the website’s effectiveness.
  • Our team created a strategic learning management system integration in accordance with Arena Animation’s strategies, which lacked a proper management system.
  • The team additionally created a method for sending customised messages to users, which fosters a sense of trust and respect. Plus, the number of times the website was visited for analytical purposes, so they could track the users and convert them into potential buyers.
  • Arena Animations Ahmedabad centre became the most profitable in the west because of these defining implications. The potential footfall increased from 10 to 15 to an impressive 100–120+ interested inquiries, which was extremely significant.
  • Several structural adjustments were also implemented within the organisation, which increased productivity in their operational capacities.
  • Tracking student inquiries and requests made it easier to categorise and improve the filtering of various courses and programmes, as well as to focus on underperforming options.
Due to our hands-on approach to the assignment, the client was ecstatic with how well things turned out. Our strategy enabled the client to reach a broader audience while advertising their services in an innovative and engaging manner. Working with us, they were also able to save more than 50 percent on expenses while increasing internal and external efficacy.
Arena Animations’ revenue boomed after working with Cuneiform, and its load capacity and reconversion rates climbed by 500%; this represented a substantial shift in terms of the effects produced.

Project Outcome


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