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How a real estate company achieved an organisational boost and attained new heights with a thorough digital upgrade

Avantiway: Real Estate marketing solutions
Avanti Way, a US based global real estate services provider. Has long offered a support ecosystem to real estate brokers, known as “agentpreneurs,” as a value addition to its buying, selling, and management services. Avanti understood that something was still missing in their drive to transform in order to compete, so they chose to team up with a serious up lifter.

Since Avanti Way was just getting its name out there in the Florida market, it sought Cuneiform Consultancies’ technological guidance and solutions in order to conduct tests and studies analysing market demands and needs, what people wanted, and how it was becoming increasingly difficult to on board new agents, which could have led to low sales.

Cuneiform and Avanti Way joined forces to create a new workplace-people relationship.


About our partner Avanti Way

▸ Avanti Way is more than a company; it is an associate of real estate professionals. It provides a distinct and forward-thinking culture based on the highest ideals of innovation and collaboration, allowing real estate agents to achieve new levels of efficiency and provide exceptional client value for transactions and services.

▸ At Avanti Way, agents are treated as the company’s team members known as “Agentpreneurs” and are at the centre of “The Avanti Way,” a business model that combines innovation, successful support systems, technological advancements, knowledge-sharing initiatives, and cutting-edge marketing strategies to assist agents in managing more sales in a quicker, better, and easier manner so as to gain a competitive edge as real estate professionals.

▸ When Avanti Way Realty investment firm stakeholders approached us following a lengthy and intensive search for a suitable partner with the right mind-set and experience.

  • The company required assistance with moving forward in order to reach a specified level: Avanti Way wanted a digital platform with an integrated method for connecting with both agents and customers.
  • Real estate values transparency. Thus, all stakeholders must be involved in seamless and clear partnerships. One of the main concerns was the need to exchange a lot of legal documents and other related
  • Traditional methods were time-consuming and exhausting, with no easy transition from buyer engagement to contract closure.
  • The concept behind the Avanti Way platform was to present propositions from multiple financial institutions simultaneously, thereby making the investor’s process more efficient and transparent.
  • Avanti way stakeholders wished to digitise and automate the sales process to save operational costs.

The Challenges



cuneiform Enters

▸ Real estate offices, cash payments, paper contracts, and time-consuming paperwork were all about to disappear. Our partner Avanti couldn’t accept incompetence due to the real estate industry’s demand for digital transformation, thus they needed to use digital tools and successful technologies to run the firm.

▸ Following the first series of workshops, we decided to build a webpage integrated with a digital portal using a back-end integration of various data sources. We delivered an Minimum Viable Product of an online platform that allows Avanti way to connect with real estate agents from many sources in three weeks. The methodology also involved user testing, ensuring that the MVP was both agent and third-party oriented.

▸ Following the successful delivery of the required services, Cuneiform assisted them in integrating a digitally induced ecosystem and then began focusing on their Digital marketing strategy to establish a digital presence in the market.

▸ From a business standpoint, we met all the agreed-upon stakeholder objectives and promptly released an MVP platform that positively verified their business strategy of successfully digitally transforming the core of their business.

  • After analysing the initial concept proposed by stakeholders, we agreed to pivot and shift the process from dynamic to static. We were able to save on installation costs while still providing the service to its owners in the form of an MVP.
  • Our dedicated development team started the process by creating a professional website. Then we concentrated on their one-of-a-kind portal, which was built and integrated to connect users, agents, and organisations while ensuring complete transparency.
  • As a result, a fully responsive web portal with a data collection form, contract generator, admin panel, and digital signature as a unique feature, as well as contact forms through which interested parties may manage leads, was established.
  • Avanti Way’s platform, which increased its stakeholders, provided a unique environment for clients and brokers to develop simple real estate closing contracts.
  • Making real estate closings easier by creating an appropriate channel for on boarding multiple agents with the Avanti Way portal.
  • As a result of this digital transition, it was less time-consuming and cost-effective for both parties than a traditional procedure.
  • The product contributes to an increase in the number of generated leads.

The Results


Conclusion – How does the results led for a viable futurev

▸ Avanti Way experienced a 300% increase in new agent partnerships and a 400% increase in property acquisitions with the help of these diverse solutions.

▸ These solutions made it easy to predict the future market parameters. Private property buyers started seeking digital technologies that make the buying process fast, easy, and distant as mortgage loan availability rises. More virtual open houses let people see their dream homes without travelling. Virtual and augmented reality digital products paved a way for this.

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