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Unprecedented Planning and Visualization prototype Facilities for A Restaurant chain

Foodvision 360
Real-time, interactive 3D metaverse program, loaded with functionality and features sets a new industry standard.
The client wanted to create a unique product that would become a game-changer in the market, altering how consumers and industry professionals alike see innovations and enterprises.



The FoodVision 360 program offers real-time, 3D collaboration that was initially conceived between the client and their customers, enabling quick, adaptable solutions to problems that weren’t amenable to traditional approaches.

Extension of the viability and overall experience of a restaurant that is attempting to develop the chain of their new locations by offering easy real-time collaboration and cost savings.
Our client, who was dissatisfied with the slow and ineffective pace of conventional planning and visualization tools, wanted to build a 3D restaurant facility with virtual waiters, administration staff, food, and every other precise feature in the surrounding area. To create a cutting-edge solution with entirely unique features, our clients teamed up with Cuneiform Consulting Private Limited.

The Concept



About the Metaverse platform: FoodVision 360

FoodVision 360 is an interactive 3D restaurant that offers great visual realism, usability, accuracy, and real-time interaction thanks to our team’s extensive knowledge in software development, visualization, and animation planning in Real Time Due to the time required to supply the food, maintain an atmosphere throughout, and assure the seating layout, it was critical to precisely envision the environment, whether in the dining rooms, waiting rooms, or other settings.

Equipment and architectural structures can be relocated quickly during a live presentation with Food Vision 360 to address a facility’s particular characteristics, problems, or procedural workflow needs. Several layouts can be created for simple comparison. The tool includes a library of over 300 fully configurable components, such as various types of walls, windows, and doors with varying articulation states and built-in safety zones. These adaptable and accessible features enable stakeholders like as investors, managers, chefs, and other employees to have direct influence in ambience design to better fulfil their specific needs.

The Architecture



The Virtual Dining Experiences

We produced engaging virtual relishing experiences using metaverse. Users can visit our virtual restaurant, engage with virtual chefs, and even sample our virtual culinary options using innovative haptic technology. As a result, new opportunities for one-of-a-kind eating experiences, experimenting with new recipes and flavours, and even bringing people together in a virtual culinary environment emerge.

The benefits that came with the metaverse app utilisation and how it helped our client

  • Virtual Food Discovery and E-commerce:

The metaverse can teach users about international cuisines, ingredients, and dishes. Virtual e-commerce connection might let users order meals and have it delivered.

  • Market Research and Product Testing:

Thus, the metaverse aided market research and product testing for our client’s food chain expansion. Which allowed us to gather virtual consumer input, arrange virtual focus groups, and test new culinary concepts or flavours before launching them.

  • Expanded Reach and Market Access:

The metaverse promoted our client’s restaurants worldwide. A metaverse presence helped how the company can reach new clients and grow their market. Brand recognition, customer acquisition, and revenue be increased.

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement:

The metaverse draws stakeholders. We created virtual environments, interactive dinners, and product demos. This metaverse setting shows that brand loyalty, customer retention, and word-of-mouth can help restaurants grow in real time.

  • Innovative Marketing Opportunities:

With this metaverse, dine in restaurant we got the opportunity to explore new and innovative marketing strategies. With which we can leverage virtual events, sponsorships, partnerships, and collaborations to increase brand visibility and attract customer attention. The dynamic and interactive nature of the metaverse allows for creative marketing campaigns that can resonate with audiences in unique ways.

  • Data Insights and Personalization:

The data collected, helps businesses understand consumer preferences, market trends, and product performance. Data-driven strategies change products, marketing initiatives, and customer experiences.


  • Food Vision 360 has become an invaluable tool in both sales demonstrations and collaborative planning meetings with customers.
  • The program’s success and quick appeal opened the door to more business opportunities by providing solutions to problems that were difficult to solve using conventional methods—often exemplified by trial and frequently expensive error.
  • In this sense, FoodVision 360 is a product that improves with time. The strong collaboration between client and Cuneiform Consulting has maintained, with an ongoing feedback loop from our clients customers regarding their evolving needs and new feature desires.
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