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Cuneiform Consulting on how they assisted Mayfair Aesthetics Advancements Clinics in transitioning from a standard surgical clinic to a well-known brand

The premise behind the outlined digital transformation services were important for a strategy with the necessary elements that concentrates on challenges such as Mayfair’s brand image upgrade. Increasing user engagement on its digital platforms, website traffic, and lead generation to expand its reach among potential clients, as well as the maintenance of its website.

Mayfair Advanced Aesthetic Surgery Clinic is a cosmetic dermatology clinic in Ahmedabad that specialises in performing effective aesthetic skin surgery and laser treatments. Dr. Kedarnath Pandya, a board-certified cosmetic and plastic surgeon, founded and runs Mayfair, which has FDA-approved technology for executing cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive skin and hair surgeries. Their area of expertise is successfully performing cosmetic surgeries, liposuction, and hair transplantation as appearance enhancement procedures.

Mayfair was still in the process of establishing their digital presence and reaching their desired heights, despite being a well-known and successful aesthetic and cosmetic surgery clinic. Which could help Mayfair transform into the brand they desired. They reached out to numerous contributors who could help them develop a firm plan and strategy for execution.

Marketing channel discovery for qualified lead generation and the use of technical resources like MVP development services and data analysis to increase community involvement at the neighborhood level: after getting a handle on the situation, we were able to plot out a course of action to fix Mayfair’s issues.


The obstacles investigated

Cuneiform’s solution to Mayfair’s challenge was to conduct a competition study in order to determine the brand’s true market position and to analyse the gaps in Mayfair’s critical evaluation of issues that are lowering the brand’s worth.

Marketing channel discovery for qualified lead generation and the use of technical resources and data analysis to increase community involvement at the neighbourhood level: after getting a handle on the situation, we were able to plot out a course of action to fix Mayfair’s issues. 

  • Even though Dr. Kedarnath Pandya was well-known in various professional circles, it was challenging for people to associate his personal image with his clinic’s brand image, as his online presence was inferior to his personal image. 
  • There were no records of patients and their concerns, as well as other internal database issues, on the Mayfair website, which was in an unorganised state. 
  • The messaging regarding what Mayfair stands for and represents was extremely ambiguous, as there was no media to support Mayfair’s identity. 
  • In the long run, a messy data management system made lead generation a tiresome task. It was difficult to improve time management and productivity due to scheduling issues, and it was determined that many hours were squandered being unproductive. 

The big dilemma



Cuneiform’s resolve to solve Mayfair’s dilemma

  • The Cuneiform team proposed to change the entire branding structure on UI/UX designing because design was an essential aspect as it must represent both the aesthetic component of the website and the service that Mayfair was providing. Our expert web developers established a strategy to do proper design research on how and why design works and how it relates to the message the website will portray.
  • Branding with an aggressive social media strategy was devised to elevate the surgeon’s reputation and align the brand with his name. 
  • Famous celebrities as well were interested in and recognised this digital transformation, and he was able to easily coordinate his entire schedule, consultations, and appointments with his patients.
  • Cuneiform’s process management team used third-party apps to retain data, making marketing considerably more seamless. 
  • These programmes also aided in the easy maintenance of customer and patient data. 

The transparency produced by a good medium for managing and outlining internal processes has had a major impact on the operational numbers, increasing from 10 surgeries per month to 30–40 surgeries per month. 

Due to the fact that we began focusing extensively on advertisements, ad distribution, and segmentation, their monthly city appointments increased from 5–6 to 48–50, let alone the intercity appointments. 

Due to the comprehensive digital promotion of Mayfair, its digital marketing statistics revealed a 360% increase in user engagement on various social media channels. Effective SEO increased organic website traffic by 608%. Strong organic and paid marketing initiatives led to a 400% increase in lead generation. 

The Results


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