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The National Tender’s story: National Tenders, a provider of tender solution services, was in a stalemate because the management's aspirations to reach new heights were being thwarted by formidable obstacles.

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A project whose achievable and feasible optimal plan was outlined to be completed in three months took a year to complete due to ineffective and incompetent management decisions as well as a lack of unanimous decisions that can help an organization operate efficiently.

National Tender’s Introduction
National Tenders “helps their target audience explore business opportunities by providing the right tender information and related services.” National Tenders helps find suitable tenders. Their acknowledged professionals understand client’s concerns and work tirelessly to give them an original viewpoint on tender bids. Their vast network has achieved this impressive exposure. 

They apply information, research, and insights wisely and lead with unmatched knowledge in achieving their client’s bid criteria with dedicated staff who understand their demands. 

The organization was at a crossroads and wanted to achieve new heights, but the cycle of ineffectiveness and many decisions made them concerned that they needed a suitable collaborator to help them. 


Cuneiform Consultancies' approach to the challenge

The management went through multiple partner selection processes, brainstorming sessions, and references before choosing Cuneiform Consultancies, the only tech solution supplier equipped to take on National Tenders’ issues. 

Cuneiforms’ challenge acceptance response puts them at ease since, no matter how severe the challenges are, they have an efficient response team that can counter the most complex difficulties and solve them with the greatest efficiency. 

  • National Tenders was intent on focusing on two parallels to be at the forefront of the tender solution and services business: one as an information provider and the other as a provider of tender information submissions and end-to-end services in the tender category. 
  • The key challenge encountered in the seamless operation and scaling of National Tender digitization was a lack of internal synchronization of thoughts and ideas, which was the primary reason decisions did not correspond with the organizational message. 
  • The website was in a very detrimental state, as the admin panel was not user-friendly or had an agitated user interface, making it difficult that 75% out of 100 users did not use their admin panel at all, according to the analytics.  
  • Despite having the most comprehensive capabilities on their platform, such as advanced filtering and end-to-end trackers, nothing appeared to be in presentable shape.   
  • A logo should be synonymous with the organization’s identity because it represents what the brand image stands for and supports in the long run.     
  • According to Cuneiforms’ data, clients were browsing the national tender’s online landing page but were not convinced enough to convert.   

The Challenges



The Solution

Cuneiform and National Tenders collaborators agreed to include crucial portal elements within the website and this efficient system. Since the competition is highly funded, these necessary changes will put them into the mainstream of tender solutions because the information structure has been changed to increase conversions, engagements, user onscreen time, and trust. 

While continuing with the National Tender project, Cuneiform’s team worked intensively in two layers: 

▸ Following the successful delivery of the required services, Cuneiform assisted them in integrating a digitally induced ecosystem and then began focusing on their Digital marketing strategy to establish a digital presence in the market.

  1. The first is an analysis of the main challenges and how to align the appropriate team to tackle them. 
  2. The second is a digital prototype, in which an MVP-based idea will be built for first-level testing with the objective of rebranding the National Tenders image. 

Then the Cuneiform team produced a beta version of the portal with the concept of creating a new brand for National Tenders in mind, which was an instant hit in its digital prototype form and was appreciated and welcomed by clients and users. 

  • Beginning with the front end, the team devised pixel-by-pixel improvements to ensure that the portal appears competitive and authentic. 
  • A true brand image was established around being an all-around 360-degree solution provider, with a circular icon that also had an arrow assigned as a one-stop solution. 
  • The method changed to revolve around how information will be conveyed through their website and how it will cater to its users’ demands; the design flow, landing page, services, and solution page must all speak in unison. 
  • On the back end, the redundant 32 pages for user experience purposes were reduced to 12, all website clutter was removed, and information that was more precise and accurate was showcased. Utilization of the complete backend was made easy for an improved user experience. 
  • Previously, users could only purchase documents; however, there were no submission processes; therefore, Cuneiform and national tenders decided to change the entire buying journey as a unique way to operate more efficiently and compete in this market. 
  • Initially, National Tenders did not provide a suggestion tool for which tenders or services to employ and when to utilize them, but they have since been automated. 

The Conclusion

  • Corporate proposals, a proper proposal format tool provided to assist the user with its queries in a certain time frame, a method that previously took 2 hours, is now delivered in 5 minutes, designed and made for them. 
  • The portal’s conversion rate optimization was enhanced because of the solutions provided by Cuneiform’s team. 
  • To make an impact and educate their customers, they are developing an academic platform for tender submissions. 
  • The brand identity shifted, giving users a fresh and broader perspective. 
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