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The Cuneifrom Consulting created a talent acquisition platform based on block chain technology in the Solver INC. case study.

Blockchain development service

Technologies used

  • Hyper Ledger technology

Background of the business

  • Talent acquisition firm 


Project Summary

On a project that entailed the creation of a block-chain-based talent acquisition platform, SolverINC sought to collaborate. This platform would serve as a high-featured job discovery portal to hire dedicated staff as well as a platform to simplify various HR operations for human research management.

▸ This time, our partner, SolverINC, was a start-up and one of the first block-chain powered collaborative talent acquisition platforms. With openness and integrity throughout the hiring process, SolverINC works in the talent acquisition sector to select the most well-known, talented, and skilled employees available.  

About SolverINC 



Requisites for business

SolverINC’s need was for a block chain powered P2P talent acquisition platform that could encourage transparency in the recruiting process and make it easier for job seekers and businesses to interact. To avoid modifications or other tampering, each record must be time-stamped and in sync with the history of the entries. 
Because block-chains are digital databases, each entry is validated and logged across numerous decentralized computers. Users must check the accuracy of the information, which should be challenging in traditional systems. The client required an incorruptible platform that provided complete transparency into the process.




Cuneiform’s Approach

▸ Cuneiform’s technology team has created a comprehensive talent acquisition platform that is powered by block-chain solutions. The platform operated as a job discovery site for new work opportunities and enabled firms to create jobs or gigs and projects to hire talent appropriate to the responsibilities. The talent acquisition site also facilitated compliance monitoring and background verification of job candidates to the letter while assisting HR personnel with the on boarding process. Payments to hired professionals were also hosted on the platform in a streamlined manner.

▸ The technology also enabled professionals to save their professional records on the block chain while enabling businesses to automate regular and menial processes that did not require qualified HR workers.

Key Results

  • Developed a robust job portal that connects companies with job seekers through a comprehensive P2P talent acquisition platform.
  • Facilitated multiple HR processes such as background verification, on-boarding, screening, compliance management, and so on.
  • First-of-its-kind block chain powered portal that ensures transparency in the hiring process
  • Accepted various types of hiring engagements, such as full-time, part-time, freelance, gig-specific, and so on.
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