Code audit and UX audit

While our UX auditing prowess improves user experiences and boosts engagement, our code auditing services “raise your code quality and security to new dimensions.”

What is Code audit

A code audit is a comprehensive analysis of the program’s source code for bugs, security holes, and other mistakes. It examines the structure, logic, and adherence to coding standards of the code in order to boost quality, security, and performance and aid in guaranteeing the dependability and maintainability of the software.


What Is UX Audit

UX auditing allows you to assess the user experience of a digital product in order to discover areas for improvement. Examining user flows, interface design, and interactions to assess variables such as usability, accessibility, and user satisfaction. The audit gives insights to improve the entire user experience and optimize the product’s effectiveness and user engagement.

UX audit or code audit? Do both

UI/UX designing and auditing ensure seamless user journeys by aligning visual design with usability.” Delivering visually appealing, user-friendly experiences resulting higher satisfaction, conversions, and economic growth.”

Code audit scope

UX audit scope

Code audit services

01 Code Review

Code review identifies and fixes problems, improves code quality, enforces best practices, and ensures developers follow coding standards to improve program stability and maintenance.

02 Security Audit

Auditing for security flaws, assessing potential threats, and checking for adherence to security policies are all part of the audit process.

03Performance Analysis

Optimize resource use, improve performance, and increase user satisfaction by doing an analysis of a system’s or app’s efficiency and effectiveness.

04 Scale and Maintain

Website design and development services ensure scalability that can handle growing needs, while maintainability makes it easy to make future upgrades, bug fixes, and adjustments, minimizing technological debt. 

05 Documentation Review

During a code audit, the documentation is reviewed to ensure that it is thorough, accurate, and easy to understand.

06Code Standards

Code audit standards provide code consistency, readability, maintainability, and industry standards by establishing coding conventions, formatting rules, naming conventions, and other criteria.

07 Third-Party Dependency

Third-party dependencies are identified by code audits. Code quality, performance, version compatibility, security vulnerabilities, and licensing compliance are evaluated.

08 Compliance Evaluation

Code audit compliance review compares code to regulatory, legal, and industrial standards to guarantee compliance with security, data privacy, and other principles.

09 Recommendations

Code auditing evaluates faults, vulnerabilities, and suggested patches and provides a step-by-step approach to enhance code quality and security.

UX audit services

01 Research and Analysis

User feedback, usability tests, user behavior and analytics, and UX research methods are used in UX audits to improve product user experience.

02 Usability Evaluation

Usability evaluation tests a product or service’s interface, navigation, interactions, and UI/UX development to discover usability flaws and suggest changes.

03 IA Analysis

Infrastructure architecture analyzes server performance, data storage, network connectivity, and scalability to create a smooth and optimum user experience in a UX audit.

04 Design Review

UI/UX design services and audits determine a product’s visual design, layout, typography, color scheme, and aesthetics for consistency, clarity, and compliance with user needs and industry best practices.

05 Content Assessment

A UX audit checks content quality, relevance, clarity, and consistency to ensure it conveys information and meets user needs across the user experience.

06Accessibility Evaluation

Accessibility evaluation in UX audits ensures that a product or service is inclusive and useable by persons with impairments.

07 Performance Analysis

Performance analysis in UX audits evaluates a product or service’s speed, responsiveness, and efficiency, identifies performance bottlenecks, and optimizes it for user satisfaction.

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