Frequently Asked Questions for ECommerce Startups 12 eCommerce FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for E-Commerce Startups – 12 eCommerce FAQ.

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The amount of planning and efforts you have to put in for the online business ideas is equal to planning for e-commerce website creation. What? Yes, from deciding the best eCommerce platform for the website development to its marketing, everything needs to be planned.

You might have started the process but got stuck in the middle. Don’t worry! Many eCommerce startups go through this phase. How can we help? Obviously, by solving your queries.

Being an eCommerce website development company, we get so many questions related to e-Commerce startups. Hence, we decided to pen down an article based on (FAQs) frequently asked questions for e-commerce startups.

So, without much delay let’s move on to the general queries we get from the client’s side:

FAQs for eCommerce Startups

1. Which is the Best Platform for our eCommerce Startup?

There are many well-known e-commerce website development platforms like Shopify, Magento, Drupal, WooCommerce, and others. All of these will help you in building the perfect eCommerce portal. However, every platform has its pros and cons. If you have a large business with tremendous data, Magento is the best choice for you.

2. How Should I Choose Between the Different e-commerce Platforms for My Website Development?

Always consider your requirements, platform features along with pros and cons, and your budget. If you are confused, contact us. We will help you out.

3. What is the Process of Developing an eCommerce Website?

Developing an eCommerce website requires a domain name, hosting server, logo designing, website designing, and extensions to run the portal smoothly. However, always remember maintaining a website is a lifetime process. You will need to do the proper technical SEO to get a higher ranking.

4. Are there Any Legal issues that I need to Get done Before Setting up the e-commerce Business Portal?

Yes, you will have to complete all the legal formalities related to your business done in advance. Register your company with whatever type it is – sole proprietorship, partnership, LLP, or Pvt. Ltd. Even for a payment gateway, you will need to fill up formalities.

5. Which theme will you Incorporate into our Website?

You will have to decide which theme you want on your website. If there’s none that you like, you will have to help us customize the theme as per your requirements.

6. Is e-commerce Suitable for Every Business Type?

Yes, obviously. Whether you are a food distributing company or a fashion brand having a small-scale or a large-scale business e-commerce store will help you grow better.

7. Will the eCommerce Website Affect My Customer Base?

Yes, it will affect your customer base but in a positive way. A local store will have customers from its locality. Whereas with an eCommerce website, you will have a worldwide customer base. Along with that, you will see a boost in sales as well.

8. What will you Require to Set up our eCommerce Store or Portal?

We will need high-quality product photographs and an agreement. You will have to pay for extensions, integration, and customization. Contact us for more details.

9. Should I opt for Mobile App Development as well?

That is entirely your choice, but we would recommend going for a mobile app along with an e-commerce website. It will provide you with many benefits including, captive customers, regular offers and notifications, frequent purchases (from regular customers), etc.

10. What will be the Procedure if I want to Expand the e-commerce Business in the Future?

If your online business performs well and you want to expand in the future, it won’t be a problem. The procedure depends on the platform you choose. If it is a Magento, there’s nothing to worry about, as it can occupy a maximum of 3000 to 4000 users. However, if you select WordPress, you will have to shift to Magento or any other platform with high occupancy.

11. How will my eCommerce Website be Visible to others Around the World?

Once your website is developed by an eCommerce website designing company and is live, you will have to do the technical SEO, both on-page and off-page. This will give your eCommerce portal more visibility and growth. Also, remember SEO is going to be a constant process.

12.Do you Help in Growing and Running the online Business in this Competitive Industry?

Yes, we do provide valuable consulting and digital marketing services. Together it will give your online business a boost in terms of visibility as well as sales.

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