5 Upcoming Web Design Trends for 2022

5 Upcoming Web Design Trends for 2022

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With over 1.8 billion websites on the internet, the relationship between web design and technology can showcase innovations in animation, interaction, and overall immersion every year. As 2022 begins the promise of new web design trends is something to look forward to. These trends are based on the needs that are addressed at the given time such as making the web page more explorable and useful, more enjoyable, and more comfortable. Designing your clients’ websites with the latest trends can make their website stand out and not to mention the accessibility of it. With the constant changes around the world, people look for stability and control. This sense of stability and control is greatly reflected in the web design trends these days. All in all, 2022 is shaping up to be a diverse and experimental entry in the digital annals. But before we settle into this brave New Year, let’s look into the top 5 innovative web designing trends.

Typographic Details

61.5% of the website designers use expressive typography. The best attention-grabbing strategy for a good website is changing its typography size, color and style. This is often employed to get intricate details for a website. We get to see motion added to the texts as well this year. These small touches allow the typography to take center stage without overwhelming the reader with animated gags. Strategically placed, a good motion applied to the content can make your website stand out.  The first part of the website that a visitor sees is the hero image and therefore it has to make an impression as well. The reason this is one of the web designing trends of 2022 is that the designers are taking the idea to heart when it comes to typography- led hero images. Essentially, these hero sections eliminate images to allow the message to carry the weight of the first impression on its own. Instead of coming across as bare, these hero sections are bold in their simplicity.

Interactive Graphics

A commercial web design mostly addresses three basic objectives: engaging visitors, attracting them to the content, and getting them to convert. Keeping the visitors engaged with the content has to be the most difficult task of all times. One proven way to attract them is by making the key element look attractive. Making an element change or animate when a visitor hovers over it is a good example. With the years passing by the websites we see tend to have animations and interactive graphics to technologically showcase their heights.  With the upcoming web design trends, designers should focus more on interactive graphics and large-scale animation.

Creative Borders

Around 59% of the visitors prefer a well-designed website rather than a basic one. Web designers consider creating an interactive web page as art. It truly does create a sense of magic or at least an illusion that the contents are floating freeform in the digital space. But in actual reality, the websites are held together by a set of codes and a strict set of grids. With the fast-moving web designing trends, the designers are looking for something a little bit more realistic that reveals the foundation through simple borders and frames. A border or a grid gives the visitors lots of free space to explore and read the contents more clearly without feeling crowded. The distinguishing process is done neatly with the help of these borders and grids as well. The pages are easier to scan and it is given a more retro-chic look. Scanning the page allows the designers to add more content freely without feeling the need to omit certain titles.

Scrolling Experience

Scrolling through the page is the most common kind of interaction a user has. Scrolling is a constant opportunity for animated interactive feedback. The scrolling experiences are getting with the upcoming years. The visitors take an imaginative journey while scrolling through a web page. Scrolling animations are not new, the key to this trend is to impress the visitor with a creative experience. We are seeing pages transform into living worlds through psychedelic imagery, parallax effects, and even breakthroughs into the third dimension. These animations get ever more detailed and impressive, many designers are including a surprise element for the visitor to keep their eye on. In this way, while an impressive animation promotes visitors to travel towards the bottom of the page, the forefront mark keeps them from getting lost on the way.

Positive Color Palettes

Choosing the right colors to design a website can be the hardest part for a designer. Obsessing over what color to choose and finding the desired emotions through colors are some of the hard parts as well. A given color can certainly convey an emotion based on the context used. 39% of web users are drawn to color more than any other visual element when visiting websites. There are indeed several factors used while choosing the colors and one of the factors is the shade of the color. The designer should make sure to check the contrast of the colors used within the website. A small pinch of the color black can be good looking but making the entire website dark with it can be unpleasant to look at. Using a color scheme can be helpful to create a gentle experience. Preplanning the shades of colors to be used can be of help too.

The new web design trends of 2022 are ushered in for the designers to keep up with the trend and have their websites stand out. But keep in mind that these trends should not be stressing you out. Do not pay too much into it and make sure to have your style of designing stand out as well. The web designing trends are another step forward but that’s really nothing new. The trends keep changing in our current age and time and digital designers often pave the way. These trends are made to stand out because of its attention to detail and the fun element it adds to the website.

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