7 effective lead generation strategies for 2021

7 effective lead generation strategies for 2021

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Lead generation strategies are important for everyone in a business or a company. Marketers, sales teams, promoters, and sometimes even investors of your business keep in mind the number of leads that your business is generating. That is the reason that lead generation funnels are going to gain extreme importance among businesses. 

Now, let us understand what is lead generation. Let’s suppose you run an online textile business, you see that a lot of people are visiting your website and crawling through your products but are not making any purchase.

That group of crawlers or customers who just walk into your business at a given time sometimes to explore your options and sometimes never to return are known as leads.

If you have the right marketing strategy for your business the ideal thing to do is to get access to their contact information and follow up.

If you are successful when you follow up with your prospective clients or customers in convincing them to opt-in for your products and services then that is called a lead generated. One of the most effective ways to generate leads is social media lead generation.

Many companies around the world have also started to use chatbot based lead generation in order to attract higher prospective customers.

Online Lead Generation Strategies for 2021:

1. Create gated content 

Gated content is one of the best ways to generate leads. In simple words, gated content is the type of content that the visitors on your website can access only after they provide you with their basic information.

Typically, users arrive on your site when they make a search relevant to your business keywords. This could be done in two ways either organically or inorganically through advertisements.

Some of the most popular forms of gated content are ebooks, whitepapers, checklists, blogs, webinars, product demos, and email series.

2. Fix and Optimize your website 

A user-friendly, optimized website according to search engine requirements is almost equivalent to a high street shop window these days. It is useful for both purposes i.e. attracting higher customers and leads for your business as well as improving your rankings on the search engine results page.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Management (SEM) shall continue to be trending topics even in 2021. So, you need to fix errors and any other links not working properly on your website along with using the best design and development tactics to make it the most effective and user-friendly.

3. Social Media advertising 

Businesses that perform their advertising through social media are supposed to generate higher leads. Remember! The final goal of your social media presence is to drive traffic to your website so all of your social media advertisements should be leading the user towards your website and finally make a relevant purchase.

Businesses that run paid advertising campaigns on social media reach out to the exact audience that they really need! Social media advertising helps them in increasing their brand awareness and engagement, distribute their content, growing the number of their fans and followers, etc.

Social media advertising is a form of advertising that is cost-effective and helps you directly reach the end-user of your product or service. There are various tools available for social media lead generation which reduce the hassle of creating and managing a social media paid campaign. 

4. Email Marketing 

One of the greatest sources of generating B2B (Business to Business) leads for your business is email marketing. The predecessor of email marketing is an email list. If you run an e-commerce business email marketing could be one of the most effective ways to increase your sales.

Content brings you the volume and email helps you find out who is the best quality of wheat in the chaff. And if you know how to use cold emails properly then email marketing could be the most effective medium of generating leads for your business.

5. Optimize your mobile traffic 

Research shows that globally there are more than 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world. Taking this into account Google announced that it shall now also use mobile indexing to provide better search results for mobile users.

Many businesses have not been able to cope up with this change but with a lot of web traffic coming up through mobile users it is going to be extremely crucial for generating higher leads.

This means that both your website’s mobile version and your brand’s mobile apps should be extremely important for generating leads and you need to create a mobile-app optimized website design for your website.

6. Host an event 

Another great offline way for attracting leads for your business is to host public events or either sponsor them. This would help your business to get noticed and not fall into that gray area where your commercial enterprise gets unnoticed.

Therefore, it is very important to get physical notices for your business and generate a higher number of leads for your commercial enterprise. To do this you can host webinars, seminars, lectures, in-person events for business promotion, participate in a business expo, and much more to generate leads and convert them into business sales.

7. Omnichannel marketing 

As understood by the name itself, omnichannel marketing involves marketing your business across a variety of both online and offline platforms where you can create engagement with the end-user of your products and services.

Let us understand this by an example, you publish a guest blog for your business, then an omnichannel marketing strategy for that blog could be distributing it across your social media presence, sending it in your monthly newsletter, running a paid search engine campaign about it, promoting it organically by getting more backlinks of it, advertising with social media influencers and much more.

Omnichannel marketing could be one of the best ways to generate leads through several mediums for your business.

Some final words…

2021 is going to be a challenging year ahead for businesses and commercial enterprises. But, if the right strategies are employed then lead generation can become very effective through your businesses’ lead generation funnel.

Some of the other trends this year would be mobile application-based lead generation, chatbot lead generation, and social media lead generation for generating inorganic leads for your business.

For more guidance on lead generation contact and to generate leads for business through effectively using these mediums contact us at Cuneiform Communication on +91 9819423418 for more information on lead generation.

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