Best Mailchimp Alternatives To Use For Email Marketing In 2023-24 

Best Mailchimp Alternatives To Use For Email Marketing In 2023-24.

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When it comes to email marketing, one of the best tools you can opt for is Mailchimp. As some of us already know, Mailchimp offers exceptional features and is also said to be everyone’s favorite. The major disadvantage of using Mailchimp these days is its increased price range. The Mailchimp price has risen by a whopping 16% in December 2022, and their reduction plans in August 2022 only increased the price more. Since then, people have been desperate for cheaper alternatives, and to be honest, these alternatives are far better than Mailchimp too. With the ever-changing internet, email marketing strategy has also changed a lot. These changes, on the whole, simply prove the importance of email marketing and how high the exposure is. So, in this article, let us learn more about the best email marketing tools for 2023 and how much cheaper they are as well. 


One of the most affordable, user-friendly email marketing tools of 2023 is Sendinblue. It is considered to be an all-in-one sales and marketing toolbox by many. Now, what makes it better than Mailchimp? One of the major advantages of using Sendinblue is the price. Here, the pricing is entirely based on the number of emails and not the number of contacts. Therefore, with Sendinblue, you can store unlimited contacts and the pricing will never change based on the contents of the emails either. Sendinblue also provides a free plan that is very flexible compared to Mailchimp. This provides a sense of satisfaction to consumers because now you can grow your email marketing strategy without the fear of overpaying. Another major advantage is the diversity of languages in Sendinblue. The platform provides 6 languages, whereas Mailchimp only supports English. 


AWeber’s main goal is to provide users the opportunity to customize their email marketing strategy occasionally to increase their business’s conversion rates. AWeber offers seven hundred templates, marketing automation workflows, and analytics to ensure the success of your email. If you are someone with a small business, then AWeber is the perfect option for you to manage your email marketing strategies. However, the free plan here offers 500 subscribers and 3000 emails per month to you. The pro plan is for those who need more services such as unlimited emails and unlimited subscribers. 


Klaviyo is entirely built for e-commerce services, and it excels in advanced analytics and insights. Compared to Mailchimp, Klaviyo provides a clear view of customer data. The transactional data can be separated into contacts and it also provides a predictable analysis. This greatly helps determine the churn risk also. Klaviyo also offers automated workflows that help save some time for you. Klaviyo’s library of ready-made templates is also another reason why you should consider Klaviyo as an alternative. This software also provides a tracking system that helps track all your sales coming from your email marketing strategy. 

Active Campaign 

Personalizing your emails with the help of your contact data is one of the important features of ActiveCampaign. This email marketing tool has various features and has the capability to be the best marketing software out there. The software provides the ability to split test up to five different versions of an email to help you figure out which content is acceptable. There is also a built-in spam tester in ActiveCampaign that checks the emails and whether they will end up in the junk folder or not. Interesting, isn’t it? That’s not all, ActiveCampaign also provides an automation workflow guide that greatly helps beginners. However, there is no free plan offer here in ActiveCampaign, but you can choose a 14-day free trial session before making the purchase. If you are someone who is well-versed in automation, then ActiveCampaign is the best alternative for you. 

Constant Contact 

If you are someone with a small business, then opting for Constant Contact is the best choice for you. It helps you create websites, online stores, branded email marketing campaigns, and many more. Another major feature of using Constant Contact is its customer support accessibility. Even if you choose a low-priced plan, you still get access to customer support. There are no free plans available, but the paid plans do offer unlimited e-mail. 

Campaign Monitor 

One of the best email marketing tools that is also cost-effective and particularly suited to lower volume senders is Campaign Monitor. They offer endless choices when it comes to email newsletter templates also. For many reasons, Campaign Monitor is one of the best alternatives to Mailchimp. Firstly, they are less expensive when it comes to sending emails in volume than any other software out there. Secondly, they are great for beginners who are looking to get started with advanced automation. The Campaign Monitor platform in itself is far easier to use than Mailchimp. So, if you are looking for an easy yet intuitive email marketing tool, then this is the one to consider. If you are someone with a small business, then you can also consider Campaign Monitor, but you have to use some integration before using it. 


Moosend is an email marketing platform that boasts being a user-friendly, efficient solution that won’t break the cash. They provide a drag-and-drop editor, landing page and sign-up form builders, analytics and reporting tools, complex segmentation options, effective marketing automation, and the ability to connect with other platforms including websites, customer relationship management systems, and online stores. Moosend’s pricing is tiered according on the number of subscribers. Integrations with websites, CRMs, and e-commerce systems, as well as a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor for creating landing pages and sign-up forms, are just some of its other notable features. 

Moossend offers competitive rates. The company offers two tiers of service: Pro and Enterprise. Because the Enterprise plan necessitates in-depth consultation, we’ll be focusing on the Pro plan here. If you pay for an entire year of Moosend at once, rather than monthly, you receive a substantial savings. They provide users with a free trial for 30 days. 


For small and medium-sized businesses, MailerLite is a powerful tool that can be used to expand their email marketing reach. It’s user-friendly and straightforward, with a robust library of email newsletter templates and top-notch assistance in all areas relevant to creating and launching successful email marketing campaigns. Besides the standard connectors and email automation capabilities, it also includes a landing page builder, pop-ups, and embeddable online forms.  

The cheapest monthly package is $10 and supports small and medium-sized businesses with up to 1,000 subscribers and 12,000 monthly email sends. In sum, MailerLite is a fantastic solution for individuals on a tight budget who need to send out mass email campaigns with a respectable email deliverability rate. 


Hubspot is more than just an email marketing tool. It specializes in marketing and automation tools that help us create a truly unique and personalized experience. Some of the major advantages of choosing HubSpot are: 

  • The automation feature is amazing in HubSpot and goes beyond the simple autoresponders. Mailchimp usually handles automated emails and drip campaigns, whereas HubSpot allows the user to create an automated workflow that manages the contact database and even automatically initiates support tickets. 
  • With the help of forms and popups, HubSpot provides you with a platform to learn more about marketing strategy as well as more advanced features. They even offer live chats, bots, ad management, etc. to kickstart your marketing strategy. 
  • HubSpot also offers support for your sales and customer service teams for a divine customer experience. 

The free plan provides access to many features, but HubSpot becomes expensive if you have more than 1,000 subscribers. Therefore, HubSpot is highly recommended for large enterprises rather than for small business owners who are on a budget. 

One of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to take a test. Test your software before figuring out which is ideal for you in terms of email marketing for your business. Make sure you cut down some of the marketing expenses and choose a software that offers an all-in-one platform. This way you can save some bucks and also the time as you don’t have to switch between tools to use the features. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the free plans these software offers. One of the best business strategies is email marketing, and let us not forget how powerful the combination of email marketing and SEO is. The easiest way to boost your rankings and visibility is with the help of these two, and trust me, the success rate will shock you. However, simply sticking to one particular strategy or piece of software is not going to make much difference. Make sure you also look out for other marketing strategies than just email. Try to find alternatives that provide more results, and remember that a good marketing strategy begins with lots of trust and research. 

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