Future Trends in Software Development to Watch in 2024.

Future Trends in Software Development to Watch in 2024

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In today’s technological age, expectations for better services are evolving rapidly. Digital customers of today demand more from software firms due to increased capabilities of software development. New-age clients expect integrated value addition in software developments in pursuit of bringing the best value to their market investments.
To maximise our client’s satisfaction by upgrading innovations in the services we deliver. It becomes our priority to keep them informed about the top software development trends in 2024.

The word “tech” shows no chance of slowing down in the coming future. Technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain and cloud computing are catering to diverse industries globally. In this fast-paced environment, dynamic changes come up and go quickly. Staying up to date for adapting to new changes is what sets the CTO ahead of competitors. So, let’s gear up with advanced preparation before landing in the next year of 2024 in software developments.

1. AI and Machine Learning integration in Software Development

A few years back we saw how advancements in AI & machine learning impacted several industries around the world. AI is not the buzz anymore. AI skills are no longer considered optional but are increasingly seen as essential for developers. Recognizing this shift, major players in the IT industry, such as Google, have responded by creating the neural network development library TensorFlow. Also, the seamless integration of chatbot functionality into search engines for ease of user has become the core goal for tech giants like Google.

The massive success of ChatGPT and OpenAI in the pursuit of creating natural language solutions and machine learning services adds massive AI developments.

Last year’s introduction of a text-to-image tool i.e. Stable Diffusion is widely used for creating images using natural language descriptions. It also offers picture translation with prompt text, and inpainting/out painting jobs. This tool has completely changed our definition of AI solutions.

2. Cloud Computing Trends 2024

In 2024, major IT MNCs are anticipated to invest a whopping $1 trillion in cloud infrastructure. Let’s discuss the new updates in cloud computing technology influencing various industries.

Hybrid and multi-cloud

The adoption of a multi-cloud strategy, where large organizations utilize cloud services from multiple providers, is expected to increase from 76% to 85% by 2024. While this approach provides cost savings and flexibility, it introduces challenges in terms of data governance and integration with existing legacy systems. The demand for advanced infrastructure solutions, such as multi and hybrid cloud is expected to persist as organizations strive to achieve a balance between security and flexibility.

AI as a service by cloud computing

Cloud infrastructure plays a crucial role in making AI available to mass audiences. Models like the large language model driving ChatGPT require extensive data and significant computational resources for training their software. By tapping into AI-as-a-service offered by cloud platforms, organizations can use the capabilities of cloud computing to deliver better performance.

Real-time cloud infrastructure

As per new trends in 2024 new organisations are focusing on getting real-time data insights for improving their services from real-time users. This need for streamed data or live conversations as happens on Spotify & Zoom requires cloud data storage services with instant access. Real-time cloud infrastructure with quick accessibility and instant access is becoming increasingly popular for new-age B2C applications.

Simple Cloud Solutions

Today, low-code application development is becoming increasingly popular as it eases non-technical people in creating advanced applications. Cloud computing applications providing drag-and-drop options and natural language tools are getting highly efficient in providing the facilities of low code development across the world.

Cloud computing privacy

When organizations use cloud computing features, the prime concern of data privacy arrives. This involves the regulatory and legislative solutions to safeguard sensitive client data transferred to third-party entities. Managing privacy concerns will continue to be an important concern in cloud computing trends in 2024.

3. Expansion of IoT

Did you know that by 2025, there will be an incredible 65 billion IoT devices? It’s amazing to think about how connected our world will be! That’s six times more than in 2018!

In late 2020, The number of IoT connections exceeded the number of non-IoT connections. Smart music systems are expected to grow incredibly amounting to $35.5 billion by 2025.

IT consulting firms specializing in software solutions are diving into the lucrative IoT market segment. These firms are widely using data analytics for creating innovative devices like smartwatches, healthcare devices & smart rings etc. This sets the consulting industry as an intelligent product developer in the IoT market segment driving growth and expansion.

4. Cross Developments Platforms

In 2024, there’s a growing demand for mobile application development that works on many platforms. Creating mobile apps for different platforms can be time-consuming and expensive. Cross-platform development is a solution to this challenge, allowing developers to build apps that can run on various platforms.

Technologies like Flutter and React Native are getting popular in promoting the growth of cross-platform development. They help developers make apps for both iOS and Android using just one set of code. Learning how to do cross-platform development will be important for software developers in 2024.

5. Blockchain Integration

In the upcoming year, blockchain technology’s scope extends beyond cryptocurrencies, finding applications in software development and other sectors. The best thing about its decentralisation and immutable nature is that it can be leveraged for secure data storage, supply chain management and identity verification. The industries incorporating the use of blockchain like healthcare and logistics are growing, provoking the requirement for blockchain integration. Learning blockchain skills is the continuously rising demand for the upcoming technologies in Silicon Valley.

6. IT outsourcing in the upcoming years

The offshore software development market is poised for remarkable growth, with projections indicating a substantial surge to exceed $700 billion by the year 2026. This marks a significant expansion from its current valuation of $260.38 billion in 2023.

This is the prime future technology trend unleashing the power of developing economies like India.

Several factors contribute to its growth. One key driver is the outperforming talent available at competitive rates in developing economies like India. The new reason is the fast availability of the internet and ease of managing teams remotely by utilising the full potential of advanced applications. Offshore development offers a strategic advantage by providing access to a pool of skilled professionals at a competitive cost, enabling businesses to scale and innovate more rapidly in all time zones.

Furthermore, the market expansion is powered by the continuous evolution of technology and globalization of business operations. As we approach the next year the offshore software development market is positioned at the top of the list in terms of revenue growth.

It spending in India from 2013 to 2024

7. Ethical & Sustainable Software Developments

The environment is everything. There must be a better way to accomplish the technology solutions we want for our future generation.
This is another hot trend in 2024 calling the need for digital transformation in artificial intelligence trends. The deep fake culture in using images, videos and algorithms is becoming increasingly negative.

Ethics: Ethics should be given the highest priority in using AI practices in software development. Recently, developers have been increasingly tasked with the moral implications of their software, spanning from privacy considerations to addressing bias in AI algorithms. In the coming years, governments are establishing stricter laws and norms for IT MNCs concerning ethical considerations for customers’ credentials and personal info on iOS and Android devices.

Eco-Friendly Practices: Sustainable software development calls for the adoption of green practices by developers and companies in building high-end tools and applications. Global corporations in collaboration with the government are undertaking a commitment to green revolution in web app development services by reducing their carbon footprints. Also, the technology industry is seeing the rise of AI climate equipment like indoor air purifiers and wearable tech gadgets ensuring healthy and green lifestyles for our developers.

Sustainability and AI concerns in the technology sector are reaching new heights.


In conclusion, software development technology is on the brink of a digital transformation in 2024. AI and machine learning integration are no longer optional but essential skills for developers, with advancements like ChatGPT and TensorFlow reshaping natural language solutions. Cloud computing trends emphasize the rise of hybrid and multi-cloud strategies, real-time infrastructure, and privacy concerns. The expansion of IoT and cross-platform development is driving innovation, while blockchain integration extends beyond cryptocurrencies in 2024. The offshore outsourcing market, particularly in developing economies like India, is set to surge. Green and sustainable software development takes centre stage, urging a commitment to eco-friendly practices and ethical considerations. Stay tuned with us and embrace these new trends for next year to stay competitive in the evolving Indian technological space.


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