Get Going With Google – All That You Need To Know.

Get Going With Google – All That You Need To Know

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It is true; everything revolves around social giants like Google analytics, google and Facebook. It is probably impossible to do business without interacting with these social giants. Here we talk about how to manage Google promotions in this article.

Google has massive search dominance and incredibly large data on its users. It makes it a platform where marketers spend money to generate good returns.

Google with its powerful AI-enabled algorithm can actually tell what a person really wants even before they finish typing the whole sentence in the search bar. This makes it very important and imperative for companies to stay on top of search results. Recently both Google and Facebook both have made it such that in order to achieve digital marketing goals a company will have to invest in their ads.

To get a better perspective on Google, here is the about us page, you need to look into it if you have not.

Now that we have a little background about the company and how it affects your business, let’s delve a bit into how you can use Google to help your business.


The first most important thing that you need to do is to set up Google Analytics. Why? It’s because we need the data from the website traffic. This valuable information can be used to plan the advertising campaigns, create a better content plan and branding activity.

If your Google Analytics is set right, it collects a wealth of data that can help you create focused digital marketing plans to achieve your goals.

This data includes key telemetry like keywords, traffic source, bounce rate (the rate at which people leave your website after clicking the link on the search result), referrals and a lot more.

Use analytics to:

  • Create a benchmark for your content
  • Analyze data to measure shortfalls
  • Append the plan based on results
  • Execute the new plan
  • Rinse and repeat

Google Analytics is far from a small subject, to know more about it you can visit analytics academy. Once you set it up it will be an indispensable, powerful tool to help you reach your goals.


The next step is to set up your Google business page if you are a brick and mortar business; once you do that your company gain the visibility through local search marketing and will enable people in your local area to know about you and even interact with you through the GMB page. Google encourages people to answer questions about your company.

It contains a lot of information about the business. It includes a website address, contact details, working hours, and most importantly reviews from clients or customers.  Most people use Google maps to find business and rely on Google reviews to assess the quality of the business.

If you are not a brick and mortar store then you just need to click on do not show address while setting up your page.

“Creating Google my business page will drastically increase your search visibility”


Now, we are armed with data from Google Analytics, we have our website and content optimized. We have our Google My Business Page setup. At this stage you have two options:

  1. You wait for organic traffic to generate leads.
  2. We use Google Adwords and induce traffic to get a kick start on our search engine marketing campaigns.

Once you log into Google Adwords you must create an advertisement before you can access a very powerful Keyword analysis tool, the Keyword Planner tool.

The keyword planner tool will tell you exactly what keywords you can use to reach your target audience with maximum reach. You can use these keywords to perform SEO on your website.

Google Adwords gives you a lot of options to target different segments of your marketing funnel. It also tests each advertisement for content to revise your ads for better performance.

The advertisement you run on Google Adwords will jump-start traffic on your website. Once you have your audience it is up to your goal to how you can harness the traffic.

It is not right to say that all this is easy, it is not. Your business will be competing with many other businesses doing the same thing. You have to stay on top of the marketing game to stay successful. Google provides you with a multitude of tools to reach your customers but Google Analytics and Google Adwords with its keyword planner are the most useful Google tools for achieving your marketing goals. 

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