Good News from Google – Google will Start Paying for Quality News Content

Good News from Google: – Google will Start Paying for Quality News Content

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Yes, this is something engaging and really surprising to most of us, that Google will be paying!

It sounds a little different to everyone that what on the earth made Google take this step, but this step hasn’t been taken without any reason behind it. For years, European news publishing houses had been in conflict with Google, as they demanded Google must pay to license news content.

This cold war has finally ended and Google has decided to support the news industry.

In this blog post, we have covered every bit of Google’s new step.

A major step was taken by Google

Google has decided to pay news publishers for “high-quality content” with the launch of a “new news experience” later this year. This move makes a significant change in Google’s policy, which was rigid enough to compensate news publishers for content.

There has been constant pressure on Google from the media and even many renowned politicians also plunged in, finally Google has to make the final move to pay to license content.

Program launch date

Although, there are not sufficient details about this program and its launch date. But it is expected that the news industry which is dealing with the economic fallout will see a ray of hope with the revenue building.

This step will ensure that the news industry would come up with a fresh and unique post, and this will really be a helping hand to the readers, who are already going through a lot during this time. As mentioned by Google vice president for news Brad Bender, “But these events are happening at a time when the news industry is also being challenged financially. We care deeply about providing access to information and supporting the publishers who report on these important topics.”

Other subscription services

In the past few years, major platforms and tech companies have partnered with news publishers. Even Apple launched Apple News+, a subscription service providing access to more than 300 publications, and Facebook launched various programs for news organizations, including a recent $100 million fund to support struggling news outlets.

Any other update from Google

In an official Google’s post, it has been confirmed that it will start paying for quality news content and that this new program will launch later in the year. To date, the search engine has officially signed licensing deals with publishers in Australia, Germany, and Brazil and confirmed sooner there will many more companies added into this list.

Google VP of news product management Brad Bender announced the new licensing program in a blog post, saying the program will “pay publishers for high-quality content for a new news experience. This program will help participating publishers monetize their content through an enhanced storytelling experience that lets people go deeper into more complex stories, stay informed, and be exposed to a world of different issues and interests.”

Further, Google will also pay for free access to paywalled articles where available. The company is encouraging publishers who have paywalled content to give people a chance to see articles. Such articles would not be available to see anywhere else.

This new service would first go live on Google News and Discover, and it would also include general search. The main aim behind this move is to help readers discover quality news and hopefully drive subscriptions.


This move would help readers to get the quality content and get the information required easily. Also, this would help economically weekend news industry in this hard time. Keep watching with our blog pages for more technical updates with cuneiform.

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