Google IO 2021 updates for SEO

Google IO 2021 updates for SEO

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Recently, Google IO 2021 happened with enough pomp and a show of technical updates. Many announcements were made related to SEO and search. As Google aims to turn more helpful to users with efficient search marketing, the announcements captivated the digital marketing world.

If you couldn’t catch the live stream, you don’t need to lose your heart, as we have brought you a glimpse of those relevant announcements made at the Google IO event.

Just stay tuned and experience a world of magical vibes of SEO that will mark a change in your marketing initiatives.

Google announces Project Starline

This is a dream project from Google, wherein Project Starline uses high-resolution cameras and depth sensors to build 3D images of a person during a video interaction, making it like being seated across from them.

Idea Pins Launch on Pinterest

Ahh, this is one of the most significant announcements- idea pins. It enables marketers to record and edit videos with tools similar to those available for stories on other platforms like voiceover recordings, music, and so on and so forth. Additionally, these videos can be linked to a detail page having details like ingredient lists and further step-by-step instructions.

Google Shop with new features

In Google IO, a feature “Shopping Graph” is introduced, which is a knowledge graph for shopping. It shows reviews, pricing, video, and more to the users. It utilizes Lens, Photos, Search, Chrome, and YouTube to collect information and allow users to shop easily.

Google LaMDA

LaMDA is Google’s latest research project holding the natural language capabilities. It aims to carry out the conversation around different objects seamlessly. It need not be retained and can switch topics hassle-free. It has the ability to translate a verbal cue into what’s exactly been written on a page of a site or app and vice versa. It is indeed a blessing for the search marketers to connect with the audience in the way they speak and converse with the search engine.

New improvements for Google Maps

Now, with the Google map update, the AR feature would enable users to just point at a place like a restaurant and instantly get details like reviews, crowds, and much more. Further, this new map feature will also work indoors to help users navigate buildings like Airports and save fuel.

MUM is Google’s new AI

Google also announced a new technology called MUM, the Multitask Unified Model. For images or any searches, Google has brought MUM, which is 1000 times more powerful than its previous renditions. Further, it also has the capability to facilitate complex tasks with ease. It is cross-trained in more than 75 different languages. Traditionally, the things which are hard to describe in text or daunting to be explained through voice-based search would now be easier to be described through MUM. Also, Google is able to overcome any language translation and visual representation to help the audience understand better.

Say Hello to HTTP/2

HTTP2 is the prominent version of primary protocol utilized to transfer data across the

Internet. The new update will enable Google to crawl more URLs in a faster and more efficient manner. It will help in saving the bandwidth and server infrastructure to a large extent.

Google Search Console Updates

The search console is one of the vital tools used by site owners, a free tool used to monitor the site activity and its performance. Some new features, Crawl Stats, and the Page Experience Report, have come with the Google SEO update. The Crawl Stats would indicate the number of requests made on-site by Google Bot, and the page experience report will share the issues and other analytics experienced by the web page.

In a nutshell

Well, this was all about Google updates and how they are going to impact SEO for betterment. If you have queries related to how your website may scale ahead on the search engine ranking, you leave it on us.

We are here to address every bit of question arising from the digital marketing domain. Give us a call to sail your brand’s growth online.

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