What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Dedicated Development Team

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Dedicated Development Team

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The world is moving fast. Each second there is something new that’s being developed. In this swiftly changing world, the Mckinsey survey states that in many industries up to 50% of its IT budget is entirely allocated to the development of new applications. Though they have significant resources, many organizations find it difficult to keep up with the constant changes in technologies. The midsized organizations and startups find this really hard. The swiftness in the emerging of new technologies is the major reason behind this problem. Well, every problem has its solution. So the best solution to this particular problem is not just to hire a developer team but to hire a dedicated team.

Dedicated Team Model! What Is It You Ask?

Well, it’s nothing complicated. A dedicated team model is when you decide to outsource some devoted developer or a team of developers and then they collaborate with the client based on long-term to come up with the expected result. Though we have other models like the time and material (T&M) and fixed price (FP). The most popular pick in collaboration modes is the dedicated team model.

If you decide to take up the dedicated team model then you get to collaborate with a team of professional developers who are curated in specific things to meet your goals for the project. They are very much like hiring a dedicated team.

They help you face IRL problems-

For instant, you might have a successful business where you might hire a development team or developer. They might work with the other sales and marketing team members. Everything may seem fine but when you decide to increase your activities and this is going to require a lot more fresh tech solutions. This is a great place where you can utilize the model by just outsourcing the work to a dedicated team.

They can be customized to an ambit, being flexible makes the dedicated development team the perfect choice for your project or business. As they can be nudged a bit and bam! They match your business requirements perfectly.

But just tell me who wants to hire a development team or hire developers when you can collaborate with professionals. You don’t have to worry about all the other factors like HR, social benefits, administrative, and tax; rather you can focus on things that are even more important– high-level issues related to the project or business. And your collaborative dedicated development team will take care of the rest.

Talents From All Over the World-

Using this model you get to work with people from any part of the world. Which means you get to operate with various talents worldwide? For your business, this opens up new possibilities. Their extraordinary skills and experience can maximize your technology, infrastructure’s functionality. And the better part is, at times they are cheaper than what you expect them to cost.

There is a great demand for Indian dedicated development teams for outsourcing agencies and companies. The main reason is people here tend to have high-end premium solutions for your tech issues and they are extremely budget-friendly too. They can work very well in combination with your existing hired developer or development team with ease because they’ll train your employees to be collaborative with them.


One of the main advantages of adapting to this dedicated team model is the nimbleness that they bring to the table. And this is very essential for a mid-sized organization or a start-up. So by outsourcing, you can hire developers of a small number and outsource these professionals when you require a bigger team of developers or when you want the project to be done at a quicker pace. You should always treat these dedicated development team members as your company’s extended part rather than a third party that you’ve collaborated with. Make sure you always partake in these processes and decisions.  So you can always hire a dedicated team for your temporary or one-time projects because they get the work done faster.


Have you ever tried your hands on custom software development? Huff! They could be very uneconomical at times. So the wise thing to do is hire these offshore dedicated teams who are skillful and experienced as your in-house employees. This helps you to reduce the operational cost to a higher extent without having to compromise with your end product.

A long way to go with a little communication-

A lot of companies avoid a dedicated team model just because they think working with a remote team doesn’t help them with coming out with an output that meets their vision. But the key is as simple as constant communication. If you can have consistent communication with this team regarding your vision and mission, this problem is easily avoided. The communication is not only done by you but also from the client’s side so this ends up with amazing results.

Tools that help you in these scenarios are:

  • JIRA
  • Skype
  • GoToMeeting
  • Basecamp


The members of a dedicated development team very much depend on businesses like yours because you are the one that provides them with jobs. A vast spread of companies has also started to adapt this model so the service providers have also increased tremendously in the past few years. As the demand increased, the professionals also increased to meet the demand. With the higher number of professionals, each one of them has to prove themselves to stay in the market.

To stay at the top giving out authentic and dependable products is a must for them. So these professionals will not only make sure that you get your work done but also in a commendable time. They also provide you with accountability and transparency. And in most cases, you get to check out their progress and spend real-time.

Such a great solution but how to do it?

To hire a dedicated development team, firstly you should find an outsourcing agency that can cater to you with an amazing line-up of QA professionals, designers, and designers who can work with your business and yield you a successful end product. After finding one such outsourcing agency, collaborate with them.

I know what your next question might be. Does remote work yield great results? Well, it sure does if you have a clear communication channel. These dedicated developer teams will effortlessly deliver your work. Just make sure you give them a clear and sound explanation of every aspect of your project, what is actually expected from them, and the end goals for your project and or your business.

Other options:

  • If you have a short-termed project with defined goals you can always choose the T&M model.
  • If you have a limited time and a strict budget you can always opt for the FP model.


If you are a start-up that has started to take up long-term projects you will definitely need a dedicated team model to your rescue. And even for high-profile companies, this model is of great help. You get work done by skilled professionals for a really low cost.

And if you still toggle whether you should take up a dedicated team model or which model to choose out of the three available options feel free to reach out to us.

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