How Google Updates of 2021 Will Impact Search In 2022

How Google Updates of 2021 Will Impact Search In 2022

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Google is still the leading search engine used all across the world and one of the important reasons is its habit to be regularly updated and free of issues which makes a user’s experience uncomfortable.2021 will definitely stand as a year known for its Google algorithm updates. People might say it was stressful, with various fluctuations in their traffic and CTR, alongside the timing of some updates.

Although these have brought down websites’ engagement and CTR, some have wisely used their search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to stand out and stand tall.

Lots of technical SEO teams have also been under due to unexpected updates affecting their website. So nothing to worry about if you are one of them. Digital marketing is certainly not easy among the changing conditions of the platform. So it is better to be ready and follow the guidelines to avoid major problems.

Below is a quick review of last year’s major updates by Google, impacts in 2022 and how to manage everything.

1.    Mobile-first indexing update in March 2021

In this update, google uses the availability of a website to be mobile-friendly to ranking and indexing. According to Google Analytics, more than 50% of web traffic comes from mobile.

Since the percentage of mobile device website traffic has rapidly increased, Google makes this update to make it convenient for its users. This plan was announced by Google in March 2020 but due to the pandemic, it was pushed to March 2021.

This resulted in rapid drop of traffic in the pages which are not optimised for mobile users.

2.    Product review update in April 2021

This update was basically designed to reward good, honest and descriptive reviews. This easily benefits websites with genuine following and customers. This basically filters out reviews which have little to no significance and ranks accordingly to only detailed ratings and reviews. For now, this applies to reviews written in English language only.

While filtering, Google handpicks reviews with clear description of the product or service, containing comparisons or history of purchase.

Google stated, “…the advice that we provide about producing quality content for those are also relevant here”.

3.    Multitask unified model (MUM) in May 2021

This is now said to be the most successful update of the year.

The MUM or Multitask Unified Model is Google’s new search algorithm that evaluates images, videos and any content in general, across various languages to come up with the most relevant answer to current search requirements.

In this update, Google analyses information in over 75 different languages, burying diverse languages as a barrier to turn up with significant results.

This update is not necessarily something to be changed upon, rather it is a helpful option to experience and revere.

Creating high quality content in multimedia and valuing the textual content can make you keep up with this update.

4.    Spam update in June 2021

The Google spam update was launched to refine the quality of its search results. Google had already sent in automated systems in 2020 which blocked almost 25 billion spam pages, making it very efficient for users. To have a regular dusting, Google launched its first version of this update on June 23. This, however, did not identify nor target the right type of spam.

A few days later, Google released a continuation of this update on June 28 which erased a considerable number of spam pages. Anyhow, this was not as much as successful as the core update.

Websites following the guidelines have nothing to worry about, unlike low quality sites that install malware or steal information, which Google strictly considers as spam. Google’s John Mueller suggested that improving content is more likely to help you recover from an algorithm update than technical fixes.

5.    Page experience update in June 2021

Google analyses various signals entering a website and assesses each of the signals according to its experience. This was started in June and had a conclusion in September.  A website to achieve a good score it should ranking factors such as

  • Core Web Vitals such as: 1) loading time 2) interactivity 3) visual stability
  • Optimised for mobile users
  • Disrupting ads
  • HTTPS usage

    Although security was an important factor in analysing the experience, Google dropped it stating it was not in the owner’s hands. While these factors did not affect any pages’ performance drastically, websites with a great user experience are designed to be highlighted and ranked in the results, generating a good traffic.

6.    Page title rewrites in August 2021

Google declared a system which generates title tags for web pages. This became an issue when SEOs labelled unusual title tags rewritten in SERPs.

Changing title tags impacts ranking until users are directed to the site. These might not allow for changes in SERP rankings, but can be a source for fluctuations.

When the issue of being wrongly tagged rose, users skip through relevant searches which lead to a drop in CTR.

Google is listening to feedback and is making changes to have an optimal solution.

To avoid your title being altered or given wrong title tags, it is advisable to keep your title tags short and avoid repetition.

7.    Core-spam update in November 2021

This update dated November 3, precisely aimed at websites and contents which go against the Google Webmaster Guidelines. This is a basic fixing by Google to assess the quality of the subject matters. There reported a sizable fluctuation in the rankings after this update.

Another update was launched on November 17, which was a surprise to the SEO people as it was unusual for Google to send in core updates towards the end of the year.

This resulted in higher rankings volatility compared to the previous core update which took place in July 2021.

8.    Local search update in November 2021

The update took place between Nov 30 and Dec 8, focusing on ‘rebalancing of various factors considered in local search results’. The ranking factors are

  • Relevance: is it a good match for the search?
  • Distance: is a potential search result near enough from the location term used in the search?
  • Prominence: Is it familiar/ popular?

    As a matter of fact, the weight for the above factors are not exactly revealed. So it is best to share equal efforts for all the given aspects.


Thousands of updates are released every year. Not everything hits huge and creates major impacts on your SEO. As the number of users increase, the updates will definitely grow stronger according to the demands. As we’ve seen, last year, Google focused on convenience for mobile users and quality of the content. Take notes to adjust your strategy and have your SEO game on. Important tip to remember is: Focus on the content and its quality. There is no need to worry if what you offer is genuine and best.
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