How social commerce has boosted through Pinterest and Shopify?

How social commerce has boosted through Pinterest and Shopify?

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The ever-growing popularity of Pinterest and Shopify is not hidden from anyone. They have offered an efficient platform to businesses to easily bring their products online and spread their presence across the globe.

Are you still wondering how to practice social commerce for your business?

Don’t fret over; in this blog post, we have covered the steps that can help you unfold the steps required to use social commerce to boost sales.

Worth of social commerce

Today’s generation is Gen Z, which is totally engrossed in social media for entertainment, purchase, and gaining awareness. Henceforth, businesses utilize this very platform to amplify their brands’ performance and improve their sales.

Steps to generate revenue through social commerce:

Place user-generated content

Users are very picky when it comes to select the right content that fits their taste buds. They are not willing to read something that sounds salesy; hence, if you want to increase engagement and user reach, you must use user-generated content; this helps users get engaged with your post and see its value.

Use right hashtags

Yeah, a hashtag is not just your regular social media icon but has the value that can help your post to go viral and read by relevant customers only. Here you need the help of experts to help you research and place the most relevant and trending Hashtags.

Use niche marketing in social commerce

Social media is a wide platform that is not limited to one specific type, but there is a huge variety of tools and strategies that need to be picked. This helps your brand to use hyper-targeting so that you can get better conversions and higher sales.

You can use stories, feeds, creatives, and posts to grab user attention and bring them closer to make the purchase.

Collaborate with the right influencers

No doubt, there are many influencers available right now on social media having a huge fan following. Connecting with them can really elevate your brand and its presence to build a significant reach and recognition in your domain.

However, here you need to pay attention that you are partnering with the right influencer; for instance, if you deal in technology products and expect a cosmetic influencer to promote your brand, it will certainly not bring any result.

As they would have a niche audience base, which may not be interested in any technology-related products, but only in make-up products, you must figure out the right influencer that matches your industry type and help you in the longer run.

Final thoughts

Indeed the world of social commerce is huge, which gives you an opportunity to connect with the right audience and spread the audience base. The only factor that has to be considered is that the products you are selling must match the users’ expectations, as social commerce is all about valuable yet visually appealing products.

Hence to strengthen the marketing efforts of your brand through social media, you must get in touch with a team of experts.

At Cuneiform, we hold extensive years of experience to build successful social commerce marketing campaigns, enabling your customers to do in-app checkouts and purchase the same items effortlessly.

Are you ready to mark a difference in your business?

How can Cuneiform help you?

We house a brood of social commerce experts who can help you customize your social media handles to match your vision and brand. We are highly efficient in providing the most efficient solutions to your customer’s problems.

Get in touch with the Cuneiform team to get exceptionally incredible Social media eCommerce digital marketing services.

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