How to advertise through Google Ads?

How to advertise through Google Ads?

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Google Ads have revolutionized the digital marketing space in 2021. The number of searches on Google is increasing with every passing day. Due to this, multiple opportunities have been created by this platform for digital advertising and promotions. This form of advertising is very specific and creates direct engagement with the user to generate higher conversion, leads, and sales. 

We have already understood in detail what are Google Ads and the types of Google Ads in detail. Therefore, in this blog, we will try to understand how do Google Ads work, the costs of conducting a Google Ads campaign, and methods to advertise on Google using Google Ads. 

How do Google Ads work? 

Google Ads operate on the basis of a Pay – Per – Click model (popularly known as PPC). PPC enables digital marketers and searches engine experts to advertise on the results page of Google by making bids on the keywords specific to their products and services. To protect your ad budget from crossing its limits Google also provides a maximum daily budget service for your ad, where you can never spend more than a specified amount on your budget. 

There are three types of bid options available to marketers available on Google Ads viz: – 

  1. Cost Per Click (CPC) where payment is decided on the basis of user clicks 
  2. Cost Per Mille (CPM) where payment is determined per 1000 ad impressions 
  3. Cost Per Engagement (CPE) where payment is based on the activity of the user on your ad

You cannot just display your ad on the results page by placing the bid and that too the highest bid. There are several other factors that determine your ad visibility the most important is the Google quality score which is a combination of factors like ad quality, keyword targeting quality, and landing page quality. In determining the quality score of an ad the landing page plays the most important role. Now, that we know how to do Google Ads works we will now consider the costs of Google Ads in brief. 

Cost to advertise on Google Ads 

The Average Cost – Per – Click on a Google Ad is based on the type of ad campaign that you want to convey. But normally, it is in a range between $1 to $2. But, one should note that the cost of an ad is also determined by several other factors like the quality of your website and the price at which you are bidding. 

For being successful with Google Ads you do not need to place the maximum amount for targeting a keyword. A website that is optimized properly can do wonders in increasing the chances of your ad being the first visible ad on Google’s results page because Google’s Ad Auction and Ad Rank system favor a website that has a higher quality score and provides a better user experience than a website with a lower quality score but a high ad bid. 

Now that we have understood how Google Ads work and the costs involved in them, we will try to understand how can you create your firsts ad campaign on Google Ads. 

To start advertising for your business through Google Ads, you first need to have a Google account registered for the business or service which you want to promote. Once you have set up your Google you can now use the below mentioned easy method to advertise your business on Google.

Step-by-step guide to set up Google Ads:

Step – 1: – Define your objectives 

To start with your campaign you first need to visit the Google Ads homepage and click on the top right-hand corner of the page to start your first Google Ad campaign. 

Step – 2: – Define your objectives 

To start with your campaign you first need to visit the Google Ads homepage and click on the top right-hand corner of the page to start your first Google Ad campaign. 

After your business name, you will be asked to enter your businesses’ website:

Clicking on next you will be redirected to the keyword page where you can select keywords relevant to your business

Step – 3: – Select your target audience 

After you fill in the basic details about your business, you will be taken to the target audience page where you will determine the target audience of your advertisement based on their demographics.

Choose the region that you aim to target and after that click on Next. 

Step – 4:- Craft your first advertisement 

Now the time has come where you will be crafting your first advertisement. Add relevant headlines and descriptions to your advertisement. Google also offers a lot of suggestions along with some sample display advertisements to support your campaign. Once done with that you will be shown an overall summary of your campaign where you have the power to edit almost anything and make necessary changes in your ad campaign.

While writing your ad copy you need to keep your audience and their requirements in mind. Once finished with the summary you can submit your ad with all the added details. 

Step – 5: – Make your payments 

The step is pretty much an easy step, just enter your time – zone, location, promotional code, and other details in a form that looks like below you can make start your Google Ads campaign.

As soon as you are ready for your ad to go live you can click on the Submit button.

Once you have submitted your first ad you are good to start your business advertisements with Google Ads.  

Some final words… 

Managing your Google Ads campaign solely can be tricky and complicated as it involves keyword research and quality tests. As discussed earlier, if your website’s landing page quality and keywords are not good enough there are chances that your campaign can be unsuccessful and you may just end up wasting a huge amount of money on your Google Ads campaign. Therefore, it is advisable to get your Google Ads campaign done through our experienced Google Ads management team at Cuneiform Communication

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