How to Conduct Local SEO Keyword Research In 2022

How to Conduct Local SEO Keyword Research In 2022

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Keyword research is mandatory regardless of the type of article you choose to write. When it comes to local SEO keyword research, the whole idea is to choose or opt for keywords that are specifically focused on local businesses. The research in itself helps your business to always appear at the top of the search list and therefore also increases the traffic. Why is local SEO research a good idea? Without the whole local SEO plan, you are most definitely losing the opportunity to rank first on your demands made locally. But sometimes people are so focused on the ranking of their keywords that they tend to forget the various other benefits behind it. Because local businesses account for approximately 46% of Google searches, it is critical to focus on local SEO as well. What is the difference between a traditional keyword and a local keyword? A local keyword is usually attached to the location as its primary focus is the local businesses, whereas a traditional keyword is generally just words that help you with your ranking. Let us learn more about how important local SEO keyword research is and how it can be done.

The Importance of Local SEO

There are two reasons why the research of local search engine optimization keywords is important and necessary in 2022. Firstly, every time you make a search, you are not just searching for its namesake. The intent is very clear with every search you make. For example, if you are searching for a book, then the best bet is that you wish to purchase that book or similar books at the present moment. Therefore, the intent of the search you make is very important. The terms considered as local keywords do not have the volume to back them up. However, it is exactly the opposite. The keywords are more accurate and specific if they are local keywords than any other high-volume keyword. This makes the customers or researchers purchase the product more. The second reason, and probably the most important reason, is that users can now personalize their Google searches. By doing so, they have easy access to the physical location of the local business. Usually, organic searches provide the user’s relatability in their search, but when it comes to local search terms, the users get to learn more about the geographically relevant information from the locals. This means local business owners who use the internet to promote their sales can now use local SEO keywords on their websites as it provides a better opportunity to target a larger competitive search term such as “book”, “dentist”, etc.

How to Research Local Keywords

After learning the importance of using a local keyword, let us take the time to understand the process of conducting research.

Step 1: Find the keywords everyone is searching for

Every time you conduct keyword research, it is very important to start with the words the audience recognizes and develop the keywords from there by finding their supporting keywords. For example, if you are looking for keywords surrounding the topic SEO, then your word search can begin with SEO, Technical SEO, SEO tools, and so on. Now, how do you identify such primary words before starting to develop them? Make sure you choose terms that are associated with the products and used by the audience. The ranking of those words is crucial as well. Before proceeding with any kind of research, make sure you ask yourself who your target audience is and what kind of words they might search for. Once the visual of the words and the words related to them are clear in your mind, make sure you work on the local SEO keyword research to support the local audience.

Step 2: Synonyms and modifiers

After finding the keywords, you need to figure out the relevant modifiers for those keywords. Modifiers are words that are usually added to words to add more details about the word and describe the word in detail. Since we are more focused on local keywords, choosing a geo-modifier is a wise option. A geo-modifier is used to make local searches that narrow down the results to a certain area. For example, if you are searching for the term “coffee shop”, then you can simply include “coffee shop (near me)” or “coffee shop (your city’s name)”.

Step 3: Know your opponent as much as your audience

When it comes to search engine optimization, the keywords have to rank first, otherwise, you will most likely lose your audience. To ease the process, it is ideal to expand your local keyword list by doing an analysis of the competitor’s keywords. Every industry has someone who is projected as a leader or a head. Similarly, when it comes to localized keywords, it is a very important search for the local audience. This helps you figure out your local competitors also. For example, if you are running an SEO company in New York, then it is very important to check whose name appears when you search for “SEO Company in New York”. Then you can figure out the keywords used by your competitors based on the ranking using keyword tools like SEMrush. This will provide you with insight into the keywords and how important it is to create your own SEO strategy. These keyword tools also provide information about the long tail and short tail keyword differences as well as the important keywords used. The research to find local keywords can be tricky but very rewarding if done right. But before proceeding with all this, it is very important to understand why keywords are important in SEO (search engine optimization). Only after you understand the significance of keywords will your understanding of local keywords and finding the right Google rankings improve. This understanding also provides you with an edge over your competitors and gains you more website traffic. The search for local SEO keyword rankings is a process that requires constant attention and continuous research. You must consider various platforms and ranking factors before choosing the right one. Among all this research, don’t forget your audience, as they are your top priority.

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