How To Generate Leads Online – Easy Hack

How To Generate Leads Online – Easy Hack

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You invested a lot on your website and you have good traffic but still, you do not see the Generate leads to clients. So how do you effectively guide your visitors to slide down the conversion funnel? There is no magic button or one-click service to generate leads. It is not difficult either as long as you have the data to drive a definitive plan to go with.

In most cases you do not need to re-do the whole website, you may just need a few tweaks to improve conversion rates. In any case, you need to first identify the problems and then plan before making any changes. To find the bottle-necks and the solutions to your problems you need split testing or methodical A/B testing that helps you see which tactics or strategy helps you reach your marketing goals.

6 Important Factors to Improve Lead Generation:


Yes, it true that higher the volume of data better analysis results but it doesn’t have to be in millions. A few conversions a day can be useful to see which versions are producing the results and which pages are not. Taking a look at how long people spend on the page, the bounce rate and conversions, if you have any, can help you get the page that works.

Split testing is very crucial for improving the content of your marketing and advertisement to see better conversion rates. It is a very powerful method to collect actionable data.

Generate Leads through CONTENT-MARKETING

Sometimes you may have noticed that while your advertisements are working you get the results and as soon as you have stopped spending money, there is a massive drop in conversions. Lack of focus on content marketing is one of the most important factors that stop many businesses, startups especially from generating leads other than burning money on ads.  With right content-marketing planning you can build a good brand positioning, build an audience, engage customers and create leads that convert.


If you are a product-based business you should focus on the benefits and not on features of your products. People find product features interesting but benefits make them buy it.

A benefit is what your product or service can do for your client while a feature is a glance of your product or service.


So why should people buy your product or subscribe to your services? There are a lot of competitors out there selling the exact same thing as you and you need to stand out to carve out a niche for yourself. Your USP is why people would choose you over others hence you need to design your content around it.


this Generate Leads idea, Keep your landing page clear and concise to avoid visitors from getting distracted, it should be focused on only one thing with a clear CTA.


The Speed of your website is an important factor that can affect your conversion rate. According to Google if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load on a mobile phone, the visitor is highly likely to get disinterested and will move to the next site.

From what we have learned above, it is clear that your website needs to have perfect content but it should be simplified and very concentrated on specific things with clearly defined navigation. Too much clutter just makes visitors disinterested and will end up going somewhere else.

Your contact number and address should be easy to locate. Visitors might have a question that they want to ask you and if it is easily accessible to them they will most likely call you.

Highlight your reviews, people trust reviews and are most likely to be converted if they see why others like your products or services.

Make sure your visitors know that your site is safe and secure, highlight your security features. Getting an SSL certificate and showing the seal on the website will help build a sense of trust to your visitors.

In any case, the way to your customer’s heart is customization, which in turn will turn users to happy, loyal customers Generate Leads.

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