How to increase e-commerce sales through email marketing?

How to increase e-commerce sales through email marketing?

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Amongst all other forms of digital marketing for e – commerce, email marketing is one of the simplest and personalized modes of digital marketing which could leave an everlasting impact on your current and prospective customers.

Email marketing is a medium that has 4200% ROI (Return on Investment), which means that for every 1$ invested in your business, you have an outcome of 42$. Any e-commerce marketing strategy is incomplete without email marketing.

Email marketing for e-commerce website has an extra added advantage of generating more leads and establishing a direct connection with your customers starting right from their inbox through email marketing.

7 ways to increase e-commerce sales through email marketing

1. Create your email contact list

One of the basic criteria of email marketing is developing an email contact list. This could be done in many ways either by creating a popup on your website or putting up all of your email details in your social media platforms and online business listings and through advertisements, events, blogs, newsletter subscriptions, signing in for purchase, and much more.

An email contact list is a must for any email marketing campaign as it helps you identify your target customer group and pitch them accordingly.

2. Personalize your emails

Once you’re ready with your email contact list, you could start by identifying the age group, gender, geographical location, interests and preferences, and product choices of your customers.

After you develop your email contact list you could try to divide them into small clusters based on the information provided by them and create personalized emails based on that. Now, you have to be creative here, the times are gone where personalization happened based on the individual name, now you have to use other features like state, city, marital status, etc to develop a personalized email approach for your customers.

Personalization could also happen based on the communication medium preferences of your customer i.e. offers and discounts, customer experience videos, ratings and reviews, podcasts, blogs, and any other form of content.

3. Create responsive and interactive emails

Every email coming out from your side either promotional or informative or emails about offers and discounts should appear and be designed in a way that the customer feels that you have specially made it for them.

To do this you could add special images, GIFs, videos, infographics, blogs, podcasts, or any other information in the email. Keep in mind that any email should be visually attractive, easy to understand from the language and content aspects, be compatible with mobile versions of emails, must be shorter, and should easily capture the reader’s mind.

4. Send information about items back in stock

You must have seen that a lot of your shoppers crawl (visit) your website, sign up, log in, select products, add them to the cart and then just leave. This happens most of the time with new shoppers either due to payment issues or due to any other personal reasons. Now, it is upon you to help them complete their shopping journey.

To do that, you need to pitch them with reminder emails asking for feedback, offering help to shop more comfortably, payment assistance, suggesting alternative products that are similar to products that they are looking for, etc.

Abandoned carts, watch list items, and back in stock emails for out of stock products can help customers reconnect with your e-commerce website.

5. Run promotional email campaign

Promotional emails start simply by welcoming your current and prospective customers to your brand. Statistically speaking, welcome emails have 86% higher open rates than other emails and generate 320% higher returns in comparison with other forms of promotional emails.

You can set up an automated email system by selecting an email marketing service provider who sends automated, customized promotional emails for your business. Another promotional email campaign could be around product discounts, offers, and cash backs. You could also build your promotional emails around events and festivals. 

6. Focus on your content

Content is the key to attract customers. The language you use should be in alignment with your brand image. It also depends upon the language trends used by your competitors in your industry. Content quality is extremely important when it comes to drafting emails.

Your email content should be free of language and spelling errors, attractive for the user, should prompt your customers to click and aim to provide solutions to what they are looking for.

Moreover, the subject of the email determines the click-through rate of the email. It should be well written and be under 60 characters in length.

7. Feedback emails

Emails are the best way to get customer feedback. They can help your customers to provide feedback on your products and services of your brand. Moreover, you could also send thank – you emails expressing your gratitude towards your customers to shop with your brand.

Additionally, post – order emails which describe the payment and the product journey help your brand stay noticed amongst your customers throughout their shopping experience. Sending customer feedback emails will make you look more approachable and increase the chances of improving the perception of your brand amongst them.

Staying right there for your customers even after they have finished their order along with the delivery is a good sign and could increase supporting their experience at your brand the next time.


Thus, to sum things up one could argue that email marketing is a very powerful marketing medium for e–commerce which has proven to be a great medium for engaging with your customers. It is a very personalized, direct, and cost-effective medium of communication that can increase the scale of your business and help manage your customers professionally. If you have the right email marketing strategy then email marketing could prove to be the best form of digital marketing for your e-commerce website.

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