How to convert your HTML site to WordPress?

How to convert your HTML site to WordPress?

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Planning to move the HTML site to WordPress? Well, why not? Many business owners are opting for WordPress websites as they offer unlimited benefits with their hundreds of themes and plugins.

If you have not yet decided on this, let us help you with that. Why should you opt for HTML site to WordPress conversion?

  • To get the modernized look and leverage the dynamic look of the WordPress sites.
  • Website design and interaction account for the high lead generation.
  • WordPress is currently powering 39.5% of websites among all the others on the internet.
  • You won’t have to entirely code the new website.
  • Consistent updates on the website help in getting a higher rank in Google’s SERP.
  • WordPress has user-friendly CMS, making it easy to use. Just a few clicks and you are good to go!

Also, don’t worry, it isn’t a hefty process to do. You will have a ready frontend and backend web development with you, all you need to do is transfer the data to WordPress. Tada! It is done. Here, we will tell you about four different ways of transfer the site easily.

Method 1: Manual Conversion

Opting for this method will require intensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP and a good hand on coding. Also, you will need access to the files of both the original and new websites. This might seem a complex process to you if you aren’t a technical person.

However, if you are one of them follow these steps:

  • Create a new theme folder
  • Copy-paste your existing CSS code
  • Separate existing HTML
  • Configure your header.php and Index.php files
  • Screenshot and upload your new theme

Method 2: Build Child Theme

This is one of the most inexpensive options for converting an HTML site to WordPress. Instead of using the existing website as a jumping point, create a new website using the existing theme.

Give it the same look as your existing website, this way you will retain the original feel of the website. These are the steps to follow:

  • Select a theme
  • Make a new theme folder for your child theme
  • Set up a style sheet
  • Create a funtions.php file
  • Activate the child theme

Method 3: Convert Using Plugins

Before you use this method, let us warn you. This method might change your website’s frontend development, so move ahead with it only if you are okay with it.

Instead of revamping the whole website, install the WordPress plugins from the store and start the process.

FYI: This approach is also the simplest and easiest way to convert your website without destroying it.

Follow these steps to convert the site:

  • Set up a new site
  • Install the import plugin
  • Prepare the import
  • Upload pages
  • Start importing

Method 4: Go with the Conversion Services

If none of the above methods suits you, the best option is to go with the web development company that offers conversion services. The company will help you in converting your website without any change in the website’s design.

Always look for a WordPress Conversion company with skilled developers. Whether your website needs heavy lifting or not, the Cuneiform will help you in re-creating a website with exact design but added flexibility, and responsiveness.

This high-performing website will meet all your needs in present and the future.


These are the four different and easy methods to convert your HTML site to WordPress. Here in this blog, you read how to convert a static HTML site to a responsive and modern WordPress site in the easiest way possible.

Go with any one of them, and you will get high-yielding results. Happy Converting!

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