Tips to Encourage Your Business With Google Ads

Tips to Encourage Your Business With Google Ads

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Google ads have become the life of marketing campaigns. Everybody is using Google these days and so, it is wiser to target that audience.

Cuneiform is a digital marketing company that focuses a lot on Google ads. They produce more leads and thereby increase traffic and sales.

Google ads were formerly called Google AdWords. Through Google Ads, you can display your advertisement copy on Google’s search engine and various other platforms.

Benefits of Google Ads

Running your ads on Google will always give you plenty of advantages. This is a cherry on the digital marketing strategies used to encourage a business.

●    Target Audience and Devices

You can target your ads to your potential customers instead of showing them to everyone who is not even interested. Also, you can select the timing on which your ads should be shown.

You can also target specific devices—Laptops, Tablets, Phones, Mac, etc.

●    Pay Per Click

Instead of paying for the number of impressions you had on your website, you just have to pay for the clicks. How many people clicked on your ad and visited your website. This is a great benefit of Google ads—paying just for the results.

●    Tracking

You can track your audience’s choice preferences, what they’re clicking on. How you should make the changes accordingly. This is performance tracking which helps you understand your audience.

For every one dollar spent on Google ads by businesses, they earn a profit of 2 dollars. The Economic Report released by Google shows this.

Getting Ready for PPC

You have to strain your mind and take action accordingly. You might be about to start creating your Google ads account, but before this, you have to consider some other things in your mind.

What are your objectives? Decide that. Whether you want people to sign-up for your email letters, register for something, generate sales, or lead generation. Whatever it is, just be sure you decide that. You can have multiple goals too. Remember, you would have to run campaigns differently.

Landing Page

After seeing your advertisement somewhere on Google, somebody clicked on it, and now they ‘land’ on your website. The page that will be shown to the user, is called the landing page.

If your landing page does not talk about the exact thing they are offering, then the user will probably back off.

You will have to focus on search engine optimization so that your landing page is ideal. The visitors will be converted to leads or buyers through this optimization of your landing page.

Some Tips-

  • Do not put irrelevant keywords in your ads as it will not benefit your Google ads management.
  • You may be having two ads grouped for your campaign but one is doing great—brings leads, clicks, visits. And the other is not doing quite well. You can remove the redundant ad but it’s time-consuming. So, you can use Google’s ad rotation optimization.
  • Instead of keeping a check on the bids manually, Google provides Smart bidding optimization. You can use it to have easier campaigns.
  • Instead of just sticking to the last click methodology, you can use Google’s data-driven attribution. This will show you how many visitors you had and after that how many actually purchased.
  • Test on various accounts to know what exactly is working for you.

For small and medium businesses, Google ads can do wonders. Keep a check on the expenses towards your campaigns and also the ROI. Keep testing your landing pages, ad copies, and optimize them.

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