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At Cuneiform, where we thrive as a dynamic Mobile App Development Company in Mumbai, every weekday unfolds with significant project sprints and lively tech discussions on the floor – our spirited routine that fuels innovation.

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Our satisfied clients include leading industry players who have experienced unparalleled service and achieved remarkable success with Cuneiform Consulting. 

We Don't Just Build Apps, We Build Futures

We’re a Self-funded Indian Tech start-up in mobile app development, delivering solutions as per your needs. We cater to B2B & B2C early-stage startups, thriving businesses, & mid-sized companies across popular Indian cities, ensuring cutting-edge mobile app solutions for both Android and iOS platforms. 

Android App Development

In the rapidly advancing technology, the use of OS poses a challenge for start-ups to effectively reach their target audiences. Android devices, being widely prevalent across the world, offer a significant avenue for organizations to enhance their brand presence.

Cuneiform stands out as a leading Android app development company, offering cutting-edge solutions for small to large-scale companies, and providing substantial support for businesses. Our dedicated team comprises developers, designers, analysts, project managers, testers & marketers, collaborating seamlessly to craft powerful applications for a range of Android devices. We ensure the harmonious integration of all functionalities, precisely aligned with your bespoke requirements.  

React Native App Development

We stand as a premier React Native Company, delivering unparalleled services to create forward-looking business solutions accessible across diverse platforms. Our team comprises seasoned industry professionals specializing in web apps, web socket, API, Plugin, and UI development, ensuring seamless app migration and modernization. At Cuneiform, we prioritize aligning with our client’s unique requirements. We design applications that not only meet but exceed expectations, contributing to enhanced productivity, diversified revenue streams, and increased user engagement for their start-ups.

iOS App Development

We emerge as the best iOS app development company, offering leading-edge solutions for medium to large-scale start-ups, providing substantial support for businesses in evolution.

Our dedicated team comprises developers, designers, analysts, project managers, testers, marketers, and researchers who collaborate seamlessly to craft high-powered applications for iPhones and other devices. We ensure the seamless integration of all functionalities according to your specific requirements. Grow your business with our expertise in iOS app development.  

Support & App Maintenance

As a top-tier application maintenance company, we understand the significance of a seamless UI/UX design and the impact a well-managed app has on your brand’s goodwill. Our developers are dedicated to ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of your web and mobile applications by addressing any glitches or bugs.

We take pride in grasping the specific requirements of your app. Our proactive application management approach guarantees that your app maintains a competitive edge, whether it involves resolving issues, enhancing functionality, or reinforcing security. Rest assured, your application is in capable hands, with our proficient team of experts managing its upkeep and enabling you to witness your success reach new heights. 

Developing In Diversity

Cuneiform excels in Android app development for Indian start-ups. Our team specializes in crafting true solutions for various sectors, such as banking & finance, tourism & hotels, online marketplaces, FMCG, health and pharmacy, and educational Institutes. With a commitment to innovation and precision, Cuneiform ensures that each app is uniquely developed to meet the unique requirements of start-ups and specific industries.   
Our versatile approach and industry-focused expertise empower businesses across sectors, including start-ups, to leverage the full potential of Android applications, fostering growth, efficiency, and a seamless digital experience.

Efficient Hybrid Solutions

As a leading hybrid service provider, we prioritize efficiency and cost-effectiveness in app development. Our experts precisely gather crucial information about your business, utilizing the latest tools, APIs, and programming languages to create reusable and streamlined code. This approach not only saves time but also reduces costs significantly, allowing us to build applications for multiple platforms without starting from scratch.   
Cuneiform’s hybrid app development services encompass creating applications for Android and iOS devices, developing for tablets, and extending our expertise to craft apps for Android and other smart TVs. Choose us for a seamless, cross-platform mobile app experience.  

Staff Augmentation

Need a supercharged team, fast?

Cuneiform Consulting’s staff augmentation services connect you with the perfect talent to seamlessly extend your team and achieve your project goals. Whether you need to bridge a temporary skill gap, tackle a specific project, or scale up for seasonal demands, our flexible solutions provide a cost-effective way to get the expertise you need, exactly when you need it. We bridge skill gaps, conquer projects, and flex with your workload. Get the perfect experts exactly when you need them for a cost-effective boost. Make your dream team a reality with expert guidance from Cuneiform Consulting. Reach out today and start building your path to success.

What makes us master

We frequently venture into new domains as a result of our commitment to perpetual growth. Where others see challenges, we consider them an opportunity to improve. We collaborate with visionaries who are grounded in reality and capable of critical and creative thinking.
Top product develeopment company India

Business Mindset

Business Mindset

Our organization fosters a business mindset that drives innovation, growth, and profitability, empowering partners to achieve their objectives.

Cross-Functional Teams

Cross-Functional Teams

Cross-functional teams engage to solve complex problems, develop client centered solutions, and take the initiative. This simulates enhanced techniques and robust partnerships.

Agile Partnership

Agile Partnership

Agility and efficiency allow cohesive teams to deliver high-value goods and solutions. Our strategies prioritize clients’ needs and cutting-edge technologies.

Re-Imagining Existing Products

Re-Imagining Existing Products

We add features, improve design, and target new audiences to re-imagine products. We build cost-effective products that suit client needs using our infrastructure and knowledge.

Resolute Decision- making

Resolute Decision- making

Stats and client feedback guide our tangible goals and clear solutions. Initial identification and modifications save resources. This decisiveness shows our quality of dedication.

Steadfast Production Environment

Steadfast Production Environment

We minimize downtime by executing consistently and reliably. Our efficient planning, quality control, and management optimize production to meet client demands.

Case Study

We pride ourselves on delivering 100% dedication and lightning-quick responses to help you thrive in your industry. 


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